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Culture & Education | Monday 25 December, 2023 1:52 pm |

The Department of Community Development stresses the importance of non-governmental organisations being licenced

 The Department of Community Development - Abu Dhabi, the regulatory body for the social sector in the emirate, has emphasised its eagerness to provide licensing services to non-governmental organisations in the emirate, and to announce the licensing of Public Interest Associations, all with the aim of highlighting the importance of obtaining the necessary licenses for conducting social activities in compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations in UAE, and in accordance to the Federal Decree Law No. (35) of 2020, amending some provisions of Federal Law No. (2) of 2008 related to Public Interest Associations and 3 Civil Society Foundations. 


Abu Dhabi has more than 143 third-sector institutions, including 91 non-governmental organisations licensed in the emirate, which includes civil society foundation, social clubs, social security funds, public interest and cultural associations, theatre and folk-art association, and professional associations, in addition to social enterprises.


In this context, H.E Mubarak Salem Al Ameri, Executive Director of the Social Licensing & Control Sector at DCD, stressed the critical role of licensing in safeguarding the rights of Public Interest Associations and non-governmental organisations. He also highlighted the importance of organising their operations within the framework of the relevant legislation, policies, and laws, stressing the Department’s dedication to developing and providing its services. This commitment is aligned with the highest international standards, reflecting the core values and principles of Abu Dhabi society and contributing to the overall improvement of the quality of life for all segments of society.


He added: “In the context of seeking to organise social work and supervise the events and activities carried out within this framework, the department actively encourages non-governmental organisations to obtain a license to operate in alignment with relevant legislation and laws. This is done with the aim of facilitating the work of these Public Interest Associations, supporting them in achieving their goals and providing them with the necessary services and requirements.


“Notably, 91 non-governmental organisations have obtained licenses in Abu Dhabi since the start of this service. During the first half of this year, licenses were issued, encompassing 9 Public Interest Associations and 3 Civil Society Foundation serving public benefits and one permit for a civil society organisation, focusing on various domains such as art, culture, volunteer work, empowering youth, caring for people of determination, and integrating them into society.” Pointing to the vital role that these non-governmental organisations play in raising awareness of social issues and enhancing participation in community events and activities, in addition to consolidating the concepts of volunteerism, charitable work, and giving.” 


He added: “also, during the current year, 52 inspection visits were organized for non-governmental organisations, in addition to the attendance and management of 55 annual general meetings in Abu Dhabi.”


The Social Licensing and Control Sector in the DCD is responsible for preparing strategic and operational plans related to licensing and monitoring activities in the social sector. The sector is also concerned with monitoring licensed establishments, preparing and implementing a system for licensing third-sector institutions, places of worship for non-Muslims, and community contribution activities in the emirate in coordination with the concerned parties.


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