19 Muharram 1446 - 25 July 2024
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Culture & Education | Sunday 7 April, 2024 12:42 am |

The Department of Community Development emphasizes the importance of social media in reinforcing societal values.

The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi organized a session titled "The Impact of Social Media Platforms on Values in Society" as part of the community talks regularly held by the department. The aim is to engage various segments of society in discussing social issues and priorities, determined by based on a scientific approach relying on studies, surveys, and other tools.


The session hosted a number of social media influencers as well as specialists in the field of social studies. Participants emphasized the importance of the family's role in protecting their children from the negative influence of social media platforms. The parents represent the "frontline" for their children and are the first line of defense within the family. Therefore, they should balance between empowering their children with technology and spending quality time developing their skills and talents, thus contributing to the creation of a responsible and aware generation regarding their roles and responsibilities towards society and their nation.


Participants highlighted that the impact of technology and social media platforms on societal values has both negative and positive aspects. While these technologies have greatly contributed to the development of individuals' skills and facilitated communication and introduction to other cultures, among other benefits, misuse have led to changes in individuals' lifestyles, affecting family and societal cohesion, as well as health aspects.


The session also reviewed several studies showing the increasing use of social media platforms by teenagers and the youth's awareness of the extent of social media platforms' impact on societal values. The session also addressed the role and responsibility entrusted to content creators. Participants shared their experiences in creating positive, community-oriented, and purposeful content, expressing their vision of the importance of creating beneficial content that contributes to individuals' development and reinforces the societal values passed down through generations.



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