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Eye of Riyadh
Culture & Education | Wednesday 13 December, 2023 10:18 am |

The Cultural Development Fund Launches its first non-financial services “Consultation Services”

The Saudi Cultural Development Fund (CDF) announced on Sunday the launch of its first non-financial services “consultation service”, geared towards empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, and individuals working in the cultural sector. The service aims to provide support in establishing and developing their cultural projects through enhancing managerial, financial, and technical efficiency to boost their productivity and ability in successfully managing their projects as well as improve their prospects of securing funding.


The service is offered in partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at). Through this partnership, CDF and Monshaat aim to enhance the readiness of beneficiaries in the cultural sector and enable them to establish and run successful cultural businesses and projects.


 To serve beneficiaries from all regions, the consultation sessions will be conducted in two formats, the first is “in-person” consultation, taking place at “Monshaat Support Center” in Riyadh; the second is “remote” live consultation, conducted online through “Nawafth Monshaat App”. Both types of consultation sessions will be done with highly qualified experts to address any question or concern the beneficiaries may have whether in general or specialized cultural fields. 


Interested SMEs, entrepreneurs and individuals, can benefit from the service by scheduling appointments through the CDF's official website. Individuals should have a cultural idea, whereas companies should have an existing cultural project, and the requested consultation should fall under one of the 16 cultural sectors within the National Culture Strategy.


The Cultural Development Fund was founded in 2021 with the aim of further enhancing the cultural landscape within Saudi Arabia. Organizationally linked to the National Development Fund, the Fund was established as part of the Quality of Life Program's initiatives to promote the development of a self-reliant cultural sector. The Fund actively supports a variety of cultural activities and projects, facilitates investment, and seeks to improve the domestic cultural sector's profitability in alignment with the National Culture Strategy and Saudi Vision 2030.




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