Monday, December 16, 2019
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Eye of Riyadh
Sabq Online Newspaper

Sabq Online Newspaper

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Sabq is an online newspaper that provide daily news.

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Peter Cole Sunday 28 July, 2019 6:44 am
Truthful Info: While sleeping Allah comes to me & mentions about my new friend. So I said whats to you, mind your own business & cursed him. He is after young boys for Sex all the time & offered me Sex too. With jealousy he hits me with Electricity, when I woke up my whole body was in pain. I warned prophet mohammad of his & his 2 disciples Sexual Activities. He shows his bottoms & penis to me defiantly. I have complaint to Security in Afterlife today. A Muslim.
Peter Cole Saturday 22 June, 2019 2:08 am
Imp Info: Allah is having a difficult time giving up his Irish boy friend, a serial killer. Allah use to hide & go meet him & had Sex. So I asked Allah what do you like of him, his penis or bottoms. No Answer.Prophet mohammad is a Sex Manic since his childhood & has been hidden like cats shit. His 2 disciples Abdullah Shah is Vigina & cock sucker & Gando. Ashat is a prostitute of ancient times & beets the shit out of him , believe me, at times he is bleeding in Extended life. A Muslim.
Peter Cole Friday 23 November, 2018 4:29 am
MaSalma, True Info: All from Visions & Dreams from Afterlife. Allah was seen luring young boys to Rape or Sex with them. Boys were hitting, spitting, kicking, abusing Allah. He Allah the Shamless guy took the Shit. Nabi/Mohammad Fucks with white men & women another Shameless Creature. Disciple. Abdullah Shah licks & Chues. Women Vaginas. Disciple Ashat the Penis Sucker of Men. This what they really are worth. Allah says he will not let his boy friend frank get arrested. Believe it or not but its the truth.
Peter Cole Thursday 13 September, 2018 4:38 pm
MaSalama: True Info: All from Visions & Dreams from Afterlife. Allah is still protecting his boy friend Frank the Serial Killer from Arrests & Prosecutation. I asked Allah what do like of him, his Penis or his Butt. But No Answer. You'll need to do something about it otherwise he will Kill more people including me too. Plz believe me it's the truth. Thanks. A Muslim.
Peter Cole Tuesday 10 July, 2018 10:39 pm
Hello/MaSalama: Dirty Info: All in Dreams from Afterlife: Prophet Mohammad/Nabi's Disciple Abdullah Shah buried in Karachi, told me that Allah & Prophet Mohammad both of them Sit Naked together with their respective Penises Up Tight, Very Horny / Sexually. Abdullah Shah also told 2 White American Men as well in the Dream on 29 June, 2018. So disgraceful, Can you Imagine it. Ask any Imam, Ulams etc, they will say Its the Truth. Thanks for listening, A Muslim.
Peter Cole Tuesday 29 May, 2018 5:56 am
Hello/MaSalama: Dirty Info: All in Dreams in Afterlife. Allah's Filthy dripping Penis dried, quietly & Laughs says we both can have Sex. Then saw Nabi/Prophet Mohammad running & coming, could see his face filled with extreme Jealously, imagine it. Revealed all this to 4 persons, my Mom, Aunt, female cousin, close friend, all died one after the other, imagine it. Obviously revealing the complete Truth. Allah, Nabi, 2 disciples, Abdullah Shah, female Ashat are Sex Crazy. Need Sex many many times a day. Ask Im
Peter Cole Wednesday 9 May, 2018 1:07 pm
Hello/MaSalma: Dirty Info: All in Dreams from Afterlife: After drying Allah"s Filthy dripping Penis, Allah quietly says something to me & laughs. Probably the Satan was on him. Rest Censored for now. One time Nabi/Prophet Mohammad puts me on his bed for Sex & says I'm in Love with you. He could not have Sex with me, Cuz me played Stupid. Asked Allah is this Jahad War, he said No, So where do these dead people go? He replied where Criminals go. Nabi disciples are worse & trying to destroy this.
Peter Cole Tuesday 27 February, 2018 8:50 pm
Hello/MaSalma: Dirty Info: All in Dreams from Afterlife. After Allah gives me small white towel to dry his Filthy dripping Penis, so I obediently dried his Penis. Rest Censored for later. Nabi/Prophet Mohammad threatens me, I should stay away from my good 20 yrs old cousin brother Cuz Nabi wanted to Fuck him & I would destroy his Evil Intentions & thinking of telling his Grand Father & Father then Hell will break loose. 2 Disciples Abdullah Shah & Ashat are Bavasies & Gandoes. Check it spiritually you'll w
Peter Cole Sunday 24 December, 2017 1:07 am
Hello/MaSalama: Dirty Info: All in the Dreams from Afterlife. Allah comes & shows me his Filthy Penis, & Allah tells me, he has been dripping from his Filthy Penis all day because of me & gives me a white towel & then laughs, perhaps devils on him? Rest Censored for now. Prophet Mohammad his disciples Abdullah Shah & female Ashat, all 4 are Sex Crazy need a real good beating & thrashing. 2 Fridays ago Allah came again, so I passed a remark, he zoomed away. If I tell you'll, it will become the Joke of the Ce
peter Cole Monday 4 December, 2017 3:38 am
Hello/MaSalama: Sinful Info: All in the dreams from Afterlife. Allah comes to me & shows me his Filthy Penis & says he the Allah has been dripping from his Filthy Penis all day Cus of me, due to my good looks. Rest Censored for now. Prophet/ Nabi Mohammad has offered me Sex several times, disciples Abdullah Shah & Ashat have offered me Sex as well. All 4 of them have gone crazy, need a head Dr & plenty of good thrashing & beating, so they dont do it again to anyone else. Its the Truth, Ask Ulamas, Alaims,
Peter Cole Tuesday 29 August, 2017 1:48 am
Hello/MaSalama: Like to know, what Allah, prophet Mohammad & his 2 disciples Abdullah Shah & female Ashat do in afterlife. Well, they all Eat & Eat, Fuck & Fuck Illegally, Sleep & Sleep without any worries. Its the Truth, Ask the Ulams, Alaims, Psychics. Infact, they will reveal much more Hidden Shit, Extremely Shocking, Terribly Disturbing to everyone. Thanks, Afterlife Researcher, A Muslim.

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