20 Sha'aban 1445 - 2 March 2024
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Ministry Of Justice

Ministry Of Justice

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Establish the Ministry of Justice to supervise the courts and meet their financial and administrative needs. In 1390 the Ministry of Justice began its work and functions in the reality of work and its field, and was the first minister to receive it. His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al-Harakan - may God have mercy on him - had a great impact in the care of judicial work and follow up and overcome obstacles and obstacles to his career. Pay attention to the deficiencies that appear in the reality of work and address what may occur in the defect and symptoms. The Ministry has been responsible for overseeing the work of the courts, the judiciary and the judiciary in developing the work process and trying to benefit from what is new in this era of administrative formulas and technical means, and take measures or submit to the concerned authorities any proposals or projects which would Ensure the proper level of justice in the Kingdom. Through this task, the Ministry of Justice has submitted several projects and projects that have led in fact to raise the level of performance in the work and develop methods according to the latest methods and the most accurate and complete.

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