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Business & Money | Sunday 15 August, 2021 9:29 am |

Top Paint Companies in the Middle East

One may ask: what are the top paint brands? This article was written to answer specifically this question. We will focus on the top paint companies in the Middle East, providing a list of the top 9th companies with a short introduction of each.


1. Jazeera Paints Company

In 1979, Jazeera Paints Company, founded in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, has always been among the top 5 paint companies of any given list. In its early stages, Jazeera started as a small paint company with high ambitions. In a short period of time, Al Jazeera could have quickly succeeded in becoming the top paint brand in Saudi Arabia. Later on, Jazeera Paints Company has become among the pioneering paint company not only in Saudi Arabia or the region, but in the international arena as well. You may visit the website of Jazeera Paints Company at jazeerapaints.com

• Highlights of Jazeera Paints Company:  

1. Jazeera provides a ten-year guarantee on its products.  

2. Jazeera products include more than 450 different products divided by groups (e.g., architectural, decorative, industrial, marine, and fire-retardant paints). These products are specifically designed to be suitable for the hot weather in the Middle East, where the temperature reaches up to 60°C during summer.  

3. For the sake of the costumers’ safety and satisfaction, Jazeera paints are made with high quality, fire retardant, and eco-friendly materials.  

4. The company has a special section for projects, including value-added. It also manages huge paint projects that require certain specifications and high degree of precision (e.g., paint projects related to factories and ships).  


2. Jotun

In 1926, Jotun, a Norwegian paint company and one of the top paint companies, was founded by Orkla Group. It mainly specializes in and deals with decorative paints. You may visit their website at https://www.jotun.com/  


3. PPG Paints


In 1885, PPG paint company was founded. It is considered one of the globally largest paint companies. PPG also has one the most diverse number and categories of products. The company provides all kinds of paints for various, medium, large, and mega projects, such as ships and factories, as well as being the most important paint company for manufacturing cars’ paint.  


4. Sherwin-Williams


Sherwin-Williams company dates way back to over 150 years, with over 60,000 employees around the globe. These two factors provided the company with a very long experience in the paint industry and allowed for a great expansion around the globe. By the time, this experience that Sherwin-Williams company enjoys has facilitated making quite unique, high quality, and suitable to customers products.


5. Nippon paint

In the late 1980s, Nipponpaint, a Japanese paint company, was founded in Tokyo. Nipponpaint is eager to manufacture most types of paints to cover all of its customers’ needs.  Nipponpaint can be found in more than 29 countries around the globe and in some of the Middle Eastern countries. It has over 34,000 employees. Because of its long experience that extends over 140 years, Nipponpaint has a vast knowledge when it comes to the paint industry and customers’ needs.  


6. Asian paints  

In 1942, Asianpaint, an Indian paint company, was founded by four young dreamers who dreamed of building one of the largest paint companies around the globe and in the Middle East. Its first headquarter is located in India. Since then, it kept expanding. The other main headquarters can be now found in 14 countries around the globe. It has factories are in 26 countries. Finally, in order to serve the biggest possible number of customers, it exports to more than 60 countries.  


7. AkzoNobel

In the late 18th century in Groningen, Netherlands, AkzoNoble, a Dutch paint company, was founded to become one of the largest paint companies around the globe and in the Middle East. After AkzoNoble expanded and moved its headquarter to Amsterdam, it had a vast collection of companies, spreading around in more than 80 countries, and having more than 46,000 employees from all different nationalities.  


8. Hempel Group  

In 1915, Hempel, one of the internationally top paint companies, was founded by the Hempel Foundation in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the provider of coatings in the protective, marine, decorative, and yacht industries.


9. National Paints

In 1969, National Paints, one of the well-known paint companies in the Middle East, was founded. It has an annual production capacity of 318 million liters. National Paints had originally started in Jordan, then, the United Arab Emirates.  




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