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Eye of Riyadh
Cars & Autos | Sunday 21 May, 2023 11:43 am |

Theeb Rent a Car Extends Deduction Agreement with the Charity Society for Orphan Care (Insan)

Theeb Rent a Car has extended its agreement with the Charity Society for Orphan Care in Riyadh (Insan), by which the company deducts one riyal from each lease contract it concludes in support of sponsoring orphans. The agreement was signed by the CEO of Theeb Rent a Car, Mr. Naif bin Mohammed Al-Theeb and the General Manager of Insan Society, Mohammad bin Saad Al-Muhareb, amidst several personalities who represent both parties and in the presence of some stakeholders.




The renewal of this agreement for one year represents an extension of the “Kahatayn” Initiative under the “Theeb Al-Khair” Program, through which Theeb Rent a Car deducts two riyals from each lease contract it concludes in cooperation with Insan Society and Ehsan Platform. This is carried out within the company's social responsibility goals and programs, including various types of support and assistance for several societies and agencies that are engaged in the field of charitable and humanitarian work and orphan care.




Commenting on signing the agreement, the CEO of Theeb Rent a Car, Mr. Naif bin Mohammed Al-Theeb said: "The renewal of the agreement with the Insan Society confirms our contribution to humanitarian and charitable work in general, and comes as an achievement of the company's social responsibility programs in particular. This step has been carried out under Theeb Al-Khair Program through which the Theeb Rent a Car contributes to various types of non-profit charitable work in several Saudi cities and governorates.




Mr. Naif pointed out that the number of sponsored orphans reached more than 280 orphans annually, confirming the extent to which the company is keen to continue supporting various initiatives for various types of charitable and humanitarian work in general, and for supporting orphans, as a precious segment of our society, in particular.




He stressed that the partnership with the Insan Society aims to achieve several goals, most notably covering the basic needs of orphans who are sponsored by the company and contributing to spreading the culture of social responsibility in Saudi 




society. He appealed to private sector organizations and companies to raise their contribution to supporting various fields of charitable and humanitarian work, and to sponsoring orphans, based on the realization of the principles and teachings of our Islamic religion and the Sunnah of our Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.




Mr. Mohammad bin Saad Al-Muhareb, General Manager of Insan Society, expressed his thanks and appreciation to Theeb Rent a Car for its continued support for Insan programs and initiatives, emphasizing that the renewal of the joint agreement helps Insan in providing sources of income to achieve sustainability and assist it in improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries and raising performance levels. He pointed out that Insan is very keen to create several sources of income to sponsor orphans, who are in dire need for supporting and helping them integrate into society, stressing that the partnership with Theeb Rent a Car is a strategic partnership found on the principles of solidarity, cooperation, and charitable work that the Kingdom's community is characterized by.




It is noteworthy that Theeb Rent a Car is considered one of the major pioneering companies in the field of car rental at the level of the Kingdom and the region. It provides a wide range of car rental solutions and services, including long and short-term rentals, and has a broad base of clients from various categories, sectors, and individuals. Theeb cumulative experience extends for more than 30 years since launching its car rental business in 1991, with 54 branches in across Saudi regions and governorates, of which 14 branches are in the main and regional airports, in addition to a fleet of more than 26 thousand vehicles.


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