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Technology & IT | Friday 26 June, 2015 2:17 am |

The new dimension of handsfree video door entry systems

The new Elvox TAB Free speakerphone video door entry unit embodies all the innovative technological and stylistic features of the TAB line, but with a touch more comfort. Because, as well as the ultra-thin thickness, capacitive keypad, colour display and contemporary design, TAB Free adds the pleasure of freely communicating, without using the handset.


Inspired by the aesthetic lightness and simplicity that characterize the other products in the TAB range, the TAB Free speakerphone video door entry unit has a compact shape, featuring smooth lines that soften the corners and then dissolve into smooth surfaces. Its modern design - severe but not austere - highlights its 3.5" colour display. From here, the world outside the walls of the house looks beautiful and vivid, offering a high-definition picture of whoever rings the doorbell.


And thanks to the mounting bracket TAB Free can be simply fitted to a wall, thus achieving a delicate suspended effect that emphasizes its thickness of just 2.6 cm.


The innovative capacitive keypad, with its buttons and controls flush with the surface, provides not only the four standard functions of self-starting, door unlocking, stair lighting and chime muting, but also another four functions: intercom calls, opening other entrances, switching on other lights or automated access control. Eight different options to offer guests a warm welcome and manage access to the home in a simple, intuitive manner.


TAB Free, available in either white or black, is enhanced by the special "glass" effect with its evocative transparency and, thanks to a special device, it communicates with hearing aids.


Besides the TAB Free speakerphone video door entry unit, the TAB line includes the TAB video door entry unit and, for those who want even more essential lines, the TAB junior audio door entry unit.

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