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Technology & IT | Wednesday 31 October, 2018 12:50 am |

The LG Smart Home An enriching experience for a more secure and comfortable home

Owning or building a smart home today is no longer as challenging as it used to be. The awareness about smart living has helped the adoption of the idea and make it into a reality across communities. Nowadays, time-efficiency is of the utmost importance and smart homes contribute to making lives easier and better. The concept of smart homes simply makes it possible to perform any task without direct interference from you or even a voice command. As long as the home is fully connected to the internet, any device in your home can be operated from the palm of your hand. 


Smart homes offer many advantages to their residents, including improved security measures, control of household appliances, water, electricity and gas facilities, in addition to pet surveillance, allowing you to thoroughly follow everything that happens in the home. Smart appliances shape homes according to the personal lifestyle standards favoured by its residents. The internet has made it easy to connect all the devices and appliances to the smartphone, and then control the house even when you are outside. It is possible to monitor the façade of the house through the surveillance camera. You can also control lighting, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, security, music and energy saving and remote control.


That’s not all! It’s not surprising to see that artificial intelligence techniques have enabled users to switch between television channels via hand signals or listen to refrigerators that indicate their users about the validity of the foods stored in them. It is certain that Internet of Things technology hold many more surprises for us, even more than we can imagine. The integration of devices with chips that can be implanted into the arms of smart homeowners may become a reality. We are already witnessing that the smart TV is able to sense the mood of its owner, so it plays quiet and relaxing music, and the refrigerator tries to suggest low-calorie foods to keep its owner healthy. 


LG has been at the forefront of pioneering technology of smart and sophisticated home solutions with intelligent products that can transform the future of homes.All products are designed to meet consumers' needs and preferences, allowing homeowners to turn their living spaces into smart homes. It also gives them a personal touch and helps create a new, warmer and more peaceful home environment where residents enjoy a sense of comfort, security and safety.


LG ThinQ has become an LG brand that combines premium hardware and consumer electronics under one banner. With Deep ThinQ technology used in smart and connected home appliances, the products that carry this brand will be smart and able to communicate with each other by employing LG's own deep AI learning technology to better understand the needs and requirements of users.

The LG Smart ThinQ AI platform is able to predict user needs and adapt to their different behaviours. Hom-Bot, the leading vacuum cleaner that distinguishes objects, is able to define the difference between a chair and a human being using three cameras to scan the front, ceiling, and floor with a sensor that allows it to recognize the surroundings in its environment all the time. Hom-View works to monitor the house at all time, whereby the Hom-Gard feature alerts the user instantly of any suspicious movement. The LG Motion Sensor provides enhanced security at home, tracks the movement of people or pets and sends a notification to the user whenever somebody enters the house.


The LG SIGNATURE InstaView refrigerator can analyze usage and eating patterns and can prepare the required daytime frost or change the sterilization system patterns when higher temperatures are detected from outside. The refrigerator features a superior design with "Art of Essence", which gives consumers the highest performance in simple design lines as well as super ease of use and attention to detail.


The refrigerator also has the FRESHShield ™ feature, which enables it to generate a thermal barrier from cold air to maintain temperature stability and keep food fresh. In addition, the Hygiene Fresh+™ Fresh Air Filter forces air circulation inside, and a dedicated fan helps deodorise the air, so everything stays and smells fresh and clean for a healthy family.

LG Dual cool ThinQ Stand Inverter is a LG ThinQ product that can adjust the air flow force thanks to its sensors that can detect how close people are to the device. Not to forget the LG UHD 2018 SUPER UHD, equipped with the Alpha 7 processor and Deep ThinQ technology that will add voice control and recognition through the remote control.

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