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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Cars & Autos | Wednesday 24 April, 2019 4:00 am |

The 2019 Lincoln Mkc – What Colour Expresses Your Personality Best?

Have you ever stopped to look at the cars in this region? What you will see is a virtual sea of white, black and grey.


These are solid shades – inspiring shades, responsible and traditional shades. But bespoke versions of white, black and grey are just three of nine enticing options available on the 2019 Lincoln MKC – three of them brand new.


“At Lincoln we want your vehicle to reflect who you really are,” said Sarah Rae, Director, Lincoln Middle East. “And so we’ve delivered a range of stylish, elegant colours for the 2019 Lincoln MKC – each one speaking volumes about the driver who chooses it.”


So what exactly does your car colour preference say about you? We were just infants when we learned to perceive pigment, to recognise purple from orange and pink, so it’s no wonder that our reaction to the shades we see around us every day is so instinctual, so deeply rooted, and so very personal.


Susan Lampinen, Group Chief Designer, Colour and Material Design at Lincoln, explained, “With Lincoln, we have a customer who is very selective about what they like. We’re a brand that offers wonderful colour choice that offers complexity and sophistication to it. Lincoln is not a hard brand – it’s a warm and inviting brand, and so our colours have to reflect that as well. They have to be rich, they have to be sophisticated.”


Attracted to one of the 2019 Lincoln MKC’s new colours, Infinite Black Metallic? According to the field of colour psychology, which studies how various shades can determine human behaviour, you might be artistic and sensitive, a touch of an introvert – mysterious, even. White Platinum Metallic catch your eye? You could have impeccable standards, or maybe you are even preparing for beautiful new beginnings. Then again you may be drawn in by Magnetic Gray Metallic and if so, chances are your preferences fall somewhere in between.


Or why not turn to the 2019 Lincoln MKC’s suite of cool neutrals, all the better to offset your sleek wardrobe? There’s smooth Ingot Silver Metallic, just like your favourite soft cashmere sweater, or the delicate new shade of Ceramic Pearl – doesn’t it remind you of mum’s earrings? Or you could go deeper and indulge your ever-present coffee cravings with Iced Mocha Metallic.


But then again, maybe 2019 is your year to step outside the lines; to ease into a shade that reflects your personality as well as your spirit. Perhaps your vibe is another new colour this year, crisp Baltic Sea Green, with an evocative, earthy finish that evokes a sense of affection, loyalty and security.


Or are you more of a red woman? Red is the colour of fashion and theatre, love and passion. A woman who drives a 2019 Lincoln MKC can choose Ruby Red to communicate energy, strength, health, power and vitality – a life lived to the fullest – to all she passes by. Or perhaps you are drawn to Burgundy Velvet Metallic, because it reflects your strength of character, clear purpose and inner power.


Is Rhapsody Blue more your speed? According to colour psychology, personalities that are drawn to blue are authentic, and that shades of the ocean signal depth, harmony, and reliability, just like the 2019 Lincoln MKC.


Whatever colour you choose from the enticing 2019 Lincoln MKC palette, know that you’ll make a lasting impression with this impressive premium small utility vehicle.  


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