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Eye of Riyadh
Beauty & Style | Thursday 7 March, 2024 10:13 am |

Skin Care After Moving to a New Environment

Expats moving from one climate zone to another often experience a unique reaction from their bodies to the relocation. Firstly, this is reflected in the health of their skin. It starts to lose its glow and moisture and consequently ages more noticeably. 


In such cases, seeking advice from professionals who can tailor perfect recommendations to your situation is crucial. Cosmetic companies like INSTYTUTUM aim to win clients through their in-house professional scientists. At their official website, https://instytutum.ae, you can find products for every skin type developed with the help of artificial intelligence. It alleviates the research process by assisting professionals with a 98% accuracy rate in their decisions! Let's see how it works in practice.


Skin Risks and Possible Solutions

Each individual skin reacts differently to the aggressive environment of another country. Here is what INSTYTUTUM specialists recommend for each of those potential problems:

  • Intense ultraviolet exposure: can cause sunburn and amplify the risk of skin cancer. Check out the Hydrating Collagen Booster Super Serum, which keeps the skin flexible and consistently moisturized. Don't forget the Retinoid–Face Oil Powerful Retinoil, to be applied before your usual sunscreen.
  • Extremely hot and dry air: dehydration causes the skin to lose its elasticity. Add the Hydrafusion 4D HA Hydrating Water Burst Cream to your routine for a better effect, as it smoothens the skin and visually reduces pores, giving your face a fresh and youthful appearance. Or try the innovative C-Illuminating 3D Moisturizer for instant plumping and smoothing effect and 24-hour moisturization.
  • Polluted Air: protect your skiing from pore-clogging micro pollution by cleansing it with Transforming Melting Cleanser, then enhance its protective barrier with Lifting Firmagic Everynight Firming Mask.

Professional consultants are ready to provide you with all the necessary support and offer personalized recommendations for other products based on your situation. 


Skin Check: Step by Step

If you've decided to assess your skin using artificial intelligence, it's an excellent supplement for a future specialist who will also examine you. In most cases, it solves the problem without visiting a professional so that you can try it. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official INSTYTUTUM website.
  2. Click the link on the banner, inviting you to take the test using artificial intelligence.
  3. You'll be directed to a form where you need to provide the following details: valid email address, phone number, and age. Indicate whether your skin is sensitive and if you are currently pregnant.
  4. Next, take three well-lit photos of yourself for the initial analysis by artificial intelligence. Remember to capture images in good light, preferably studio-like white lighting.
  5. Agree to the service terms and click the 'Get Skin Analysis' button.

Once done, you can review the results generated by artificial intelligence and use them as a basis for your decisions. Follow these tips to determine if you need to visit and consult with a cosmetologist. 


You can do this directly through the website, where you’ve just checked the condition of your skin. Reach out right now to avoid complications with your skin tomorrow that may be difficult to rectify.


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