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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Sunday 18 December, 2016 12:02 pm |

Siemens launches Ingenuity for life center in UAE

Siemens has inaugurated its new Ingenuity for life center with a tour of 20 school-age children from Abu Dhabi, who were able to discover and learn about the technology behind power generation, smart cities, renewable energy, digitalized industry and trains. The Ingenuity for life center is designed to enable visitors to interact with Siemens on an everyday level, and to understand how the company’s technology helps to bring a city to life. The children, between the ages of seven and eight, were accompanied by their parents on a visit to Masdar City.


Located on the ground floor of the Siemens Middle East Headquarters in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, the centre introduces visitors to the company’s founder and pioneer, Werner von Siemens, and some of his earliest innovations and inventions. From there the interactive ‘A Day in Your Life’ exhibit takes visitors on a journey through 24 hours, with a combination of narrative, illustration and interactive projection mapping, to demonstrate how Siemens technology connects the real and virtual worlds and improves the lives of people, every day.


“Our technology has been touching the lives of people in this region for more than 150 years, but many don’t know it because it’s working behind the scenes,” said Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO, Siemens Middle East and UAE. “By enabling visitors – especially children and students - to interact on a personal level with how Siemens contributes to everyday life, we hope to play a role in educating and inspiring the region’s next generation of engineers, scientists and innovative thinkers.”


The center also enables guests to experience interactive tools, such as using virtual reality to walk through a power plant, and designing a modern energy mix for a city by adjusting the weather conditions and the available resources. 

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