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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Healthcare | Tuesday 24 September, 2019 2:15 am |

Saudi Ministry of Health: The Launch of "Ada'a Health" to Achieve Health Goals of the Saudi Vision 2030

 To raise the levels of productivity, efficiency and quality of performance in the provision of health services in hospitals; the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched "Ada'a Health", a program that paves the way for achieving health goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.


The program was designed with the objectives of:

  • Providing a structured and consistent methodology for selecting and implementing focused initiatives geared towards effective improvements 
  • Monitoring hospital performance
  • Building HR capabilities  

The program was launched in 2016 with 33 hospitals and increased to 72 hospitals in 2018. It includes more than 42 key performance indicators across seven hospital domains.

The Ada'a Health program has had a huge impact on the way care is delivered to patients and resulted in over 1500 focused improvements that are implemented in hospitals that led to many success stories that have directly impacted patients and their families. Some of the most notable achievements include being able to treat over 85% of patients within 4 hours of their arrival in the emergency unit and generating efficiency savings providing a return on investment of 50 to 1.

A significant factor is the leap in HR capabilities, whereby more than 1400 staff members have acquired the necessary skills to select and deliver the focused improvements.

The program was rolled out to cater to healthcare services being provided during the Hajj (pilgrimage) season, with the goal to capture daily activities to improve the delivery of care throughout the Hajj experience.

Due to its significant impact on the delivery of healthcare and international recognition by receiving the "The International Project of the Year" MCA award in 2018; the Ministry has rolled out this program to include over 150 hospitals and has incorporated over 730 Primary Care Centers with an expansion to 15 Hospital domains.

"The goal is to be able to standardize the KPIs being measured and upload these into a dashboard that will help the ministry monitor performance, draw meaningful insights and make decisions that will continually provide better, safer and more efficient care to the patients and citizens in the Kingdom," explains Dr. Tawfig AlRabiah, Saudi Minister of Health.

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