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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Thursday 17 November, 2022 1:46 pm |


LG’s ThinQ Smart Home Technology Fundamentally Transforms Home Life


With the increasing adoption of digitization and innovative technologies, population growth and development of smart cities initiatives, the Middle East is witnessing unprecedented increase in utilization of smart home systems. The region’s market is facing a growing demand for smart home advancements such as voice control, energy efficiency, user-controlled home appliances and lights, and is anticipated to grow substantially in the coming years.[1] To illustrate, the MEA smart home market size is estimated to reach $622 billion by 2026, which is up from $80 in 2018.[2]


In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, more than 947,000 households already have smart home devices[3], and this number is expected to reach 1.7 million active users with a market volume of $716 million by 2026.[4] Saudi Arabia is projected to attain the second-largest market share in the smart home sector in the region.


In line with the Middle Eastern government’s commitment to fostering innovative technologies, LG Electronics (LG) has launched the “LG ThinQ, Get More Magic” campaign across the Middle East to demonstrate how the ThinQ smart home system can improve the day-to-day lives of people in the region and take them to a whole new level of smart living. In Saudi Arabia, LG recorded a growing demand for its smart home technology: the number of local ThinQ users increased YOY by 20% in 2022.[6]


LG ThinQ is an all-in-one smart home platform that seamlessly connects an ecosystem of integrated products, services, and a custom-built app. Designed to create a more connected home environment for a more convenient daily life, LG ThinQ constantly shares data across integrated devices and enables people to effortlessly monitor and manage all of them from any location –the only thing they need is an Internet connection. Whether the user needs to turn on the air conditioner before coming home, monitor the dishwasher’s progress, or check the status of laundry to select specific washing or drying cycles for delicate fabrics, it can all be effortlessly handled remotely with a single app.


Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, LG ThinQ is engineered to provide an exceptionally personalized user experience. With intelligent features, LG ThinQ analyzes and learns the lifestyle, habits and preferences of users to anticipate and address the individual needs. Machine learning allows LG ThinQ to constantly evolve its functionality and identify usage patterns and exact needs more accurately the more regularly it is used.


In line with LG’s commitment to implementing sustainable practices, LG ThinQ automatically maximizes energy efficiency of devices by analyzing usage patterns and adjusting their power consumption accordingly. To illustrate, the refrigerator’s energy consumption is likely to be adjusted to the lowest level at night when people tend to use it less often. With information on energy consumption provided by the app on a monthly basis, users can stay on top of their energy-saving behavior.


Discover the “magic” and all the features of ThinQ products for a more convenient home life by visiting the LG Virtual Brand Shop. Users can tour around the shop and even measure home appliances and see how it fits in the space. Interested customers can also visit LG Brandshop stores in Riyadh, Jeddah, Madina, Dammam, Qassim for a special ThinQ experience zone.  


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