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Cars & Autos | Tuesday 4 June, 2024 10:31 am |

NWTN Joins UAE Business Delegation to China


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

NWTN (Nasdaq: NWTN) announced today that it was part of the UAE President's Business delegation to China, marking a significant milestone in its strategic partnership with the region. 

This inclusion underscored NWTN's commitment to fostering international collaboration and innovation in the fields of technology and sustainable development. As a key player in the UAE's burgeoning tech ecosystem, NWTN's participation reinforced the importance of bilateral relations between the UAE and China, and the potential for future joint ventures and projects that can drive economic growth and technological advancement in both countries. 

The eco-conscious mobility technology company joined key industry leaders and government officials on a visit that was designed to further strengthen the strategic ties between the two nations with several key objectives high on the agenda. These include the strengthening of said bilateral relations, promotion of collaborative sustainable innovation, fostering of business partnerships and highlighting a mutual commitment to sustainability.

“Being part of the UAE Business delegation to China was a real honour for NWTN," said Aaron Liao, Vice Chairman and Global Executive President of NWTN. "This collaboration marks another pivotal step in our shared journey towards innovation and sustainable development. Together, we are not just enhancing our technological capabilities but also forging a path towards a more interconnected and sustainable future."

During the Sino-UAE Business Forum, Mr Liao delivered a keynote speech at the “Innovating Manufacturing: The Automotive Edge” panel. His address highlighted the mutual aspirations of the UAE and China, as well as NWTN's role in this visionary collaboration.

During his address, Mr. Liao proudly announced NWTN's state-of-the-art Jinhua Factory. This milestone reflects the company's dedication to innovation and sustainability, aligning with the UAE's broader goals of technological advancement and environmental stewardship. The factory is set to commence production within this calendar year, positioning NWTN at the forefront of automotive manufacturing.

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He added that NWTN has forged a significant alliance with one of China’s leading automotive manufacturers, a strategic collaboration aimed at producing electric vehicles tailored for the UAE and other global markets.  

Mr. Liao also unveiled NWTN's pioneering project to develop a blockchain-fuelled smart ecosystem designed for the new era of electric vehicle users and aimed at enhancing the EV ownership experience by offering innovative services such as seamless charging infrastructure management, secure vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, and a tokenized rewards system promoting eco-friendly driving habits. He added that this initiative aligns with the UAE's vision of integrating cutting-edge technology into everyday life to create a more sustainable future.

Mr. Liao concluded his speech with a call to action, inviting innovators, partners, and stakeholders to join in this transformative journey, "Let us seize this moment to forge ahead, together, outlining strategies that leverage automotive advancements and enhance manufacturing competitiveness on a global scale.”

Let us continue to innovate, collaborate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing, together," he said, encapsulating the spirit of the UAE-China partnership.





NWTN is a pioneering green energy company dedicated to providing passenger-focused, premium electric vehicle products and green energy solutions to customers worldwide. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), NWTN has a full vehicle assembly facility in Abu Dhabi.


NWTN is committed to the future of mobility solutions that integrate pioneering design, personalized lifestyles, Internet of Everything (IoT), autonomous driving technology and the eco-system of green energy.


In addition to the offering of new energy vehicles, NWTN is exploring opportunities in the entire clean energy value chain, including photovoltaics, green hydrogen power and energy storage in the UAE, the Middle East, North Africa, China, other Asian countries and Europe.

For further information, please visit: www.nwtn.ae





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