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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Thursday 16 November, 2023 10:27 am |

NWC: We executed two water projects in Al-Baha Region at +58 million SR

The National Water Company (NWC), represented by the Southern Cluster in the Al-Baha region, has announced the completion of two water projects worth more than 58 million Saudi Riyals. The two projects aim to strengthen the company's infrastructure and increase its operational efficiency. 




The first project involves the construction of a strategic reservoir with a capacity of 75,000 in Baljurashi Governorate at a cost of more than 56 million Saudi Riyals, with the aim of increasing the strategic stockpiling of drinking water in the governorate. Additionally, the project included the construction of a pumping station with a total capacity of 12,960 cubic meters per day, aiming to increase the storage capacity of water and extend the coverage of water services in the governorate and its affiliated villages. 






The second project included the implementation completion of watering intakes, and the construction of a reservoir in Al-Mazraa and another in Al-Qura governorate in the Al-Baha region at more than 2 million Saudi Riyals. This project serves the villages of Al-Hakman, Al-Humaidan, Al-Atawala, Al-Atawala West, Al-Qahad, Bani Muhammad, Al-Qahban, Al-Hadwan and Al-Mazraa. The company stated that Al-Mazraa reservoir project has a capacity of 5000 m3, while the capacity of Al-Qura reservoir amounted to 5000 m3 as well.


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