25 Jumada I 1445 - 9 December 2023
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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Monday 29 May, 2023 10:28 am |


Lenovo, a leading global technology company, hosted a 3-day tournament at the Legion Zone in Extra Prince Sultan Showroom in Jeddah. The event, which took place from the 11th to the 13th of May, attracted gamers from across the Kingdom to compete in friendly competitions in popular games such as Fortnite. The tournament was not just a showcase of gaming skills but also an opportunity for Lenovo to demonstrate its commitment to the gaming community and to announce the opening of a new gaming zone and store destination. 


The new gaming destination is set to become a hub for gaming enthusiasts, offering a wide range of gaming accessories, equipment, and the latest games. The destination will provide customers with access to the latest technology in gaming and expert advice and support, making it the ideal place for gaming enthusiasts to explore and engage with the latest trends in the gaming industry. 


Commenting on the Lenovo Legion Zone, Marwan Bsat, General Manager at Lenovo Saudi Arabia, said: “The growth of esports in the Middle East has paved the way for new opportunities in the gaming industry, and Lenovo is excited to continue contributing to this trend by opening a new gaming room in Saudi Arabia. This dedicated space will provide players and fans with a unique opportunity to connect and compete and represents Lenovo's commitment to supporting the growth of the gaming community in the region. We are thrilled to be a part of the growing gaming community in Saudi Arabia and invite all gamers to join them in this new gaming space to experience the latest technology and connect with like-minded individuals. Lenovo looks forward to contributing to the continued growth and success of the gaming industry in the region. 


The tournament provided an excellent platform for gamers to compete and showcase their skills in popular games such Fortnite. With over 18 million gamers in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia being one of the largest markets[1], this event not only helped to promote gaming as a sport but also brought the community together and provided a space for gamers to connect. Lenovo's commitment to the gaming community through such events and dedicated gaming spaces is a step towards the development of a thriving gaming industry in the region.


The tournament offered an opportunity for participants to be recognized and rewarded for their abilities, with prizes available for the winners. The winners of the tournament were awarded Lenovo products.


The Middle East is witnessing a surge in esports, with an increasing number of tournaments, events, and facilities dedicated to gaming. Lenovo is among the companies making a significant contribution by recently opening its esports gaming zone in Abu Dhabi, providing students with dedicated space to compete and connect. With the popularity of esports continuing to rise, the industry is expected to become a key contributor to the region's economy, presenting opportunities for both local and international players, as well as investors. 


Lenovo's new gaming destination in Extra Prince Sultan Showroom in Jeddah is a significant addition to the gaming community in the Kingdom, offering gamers a unique experience and providing them with access to the latest gaming technology. Lenovo is committed to playing a significant role in the development of a thriving gaming industry in the region.



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