10 Muharram 1446 - 16 July 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Environment & Energy | Saturday 10 February, 2024 1:15 am |

Kanoo Energy participates in IPTC 2024 highlighting its commitment to Localization and sustainability in the KSA Energy Sector

Kanoo Energy, a division of Kanoo Industrial & Energy, a leading force in engineered solutions for the energy industry, is gearing up for its 3rd consecutive appearance at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC 2024).


Commenting on Kanoo Energy’s commitment towards the growing energy industry, Mr. Ali Abdulla Kanoo Deputy Chairman, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo and President of Kanoo Industrial and Energy said, “Kanoo Energy has been a driving force in delivering engineered solutions for over two decades. Our commitment to sustainable, smart engineering and compliance with international standards positions us as leaders in the energy industry, specifically in the GCC. Furthermore, aligning with the Kingdom’s Localization initiative we remain dedicated to advancing the sector through innovation and collaborative excellence.”


In line with the Saudi Vision 2030, Kanoo significantly contributes to the region’s Localization initiatives, thus, enhancing and empowering the KSA workforce by bringing additional value. This year's IPTC marks a momentous occasion for Kanoo Energy, not only for its longstanding participation but also for its unwavering commitment to driving positive change. With a prime focus on environment and sustainability solutions, localized manufacturing, enhanced services and products, Kanoo Energy partners with Carbon Clean, CorrosionRADAR, Geospatial Insight, Adage, SICK, Imaginarium, Doble, Straton, RTR, Evident, Woodward, Grandperspective, Regal Rexnord and 3M.   


Kanoo Energy KSA recently announced a partnership with SICK AG, Germany, marked by the signing of a MOU. This collaboration is a significant milestone as Kanoo Energy embarks upon manufacturing flare gas flowmeters locally in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, ADAGE Automation Pvt Limited entered into a partnership with Kanoo Energy for local manufacturing and services of Process Gas Analytical Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Analyzer Shelters & HVAC in KSA.   


Mr. Fahad Fawzi Kanoo, Vice President, Kanoo Industrial and Energy added, “By empowering the workforce in Saudi Arabia, Kanoo Energy continues to add value to our esteemed customers in KSA. As we participate in IPTC 2024, showcasing the latest technologies and best practices, we believe in contributing to the event by highlighting the value chain and maximizing asset potential, unveiling new avenues for the industry."


Speaking about Kanoo Energy’s focus for IPTC 2024, Mr. Manoj Tripathy, CEO of Kanoo Industrial and Energy mentioned, " This year we are delighted to bring 12 of our  valuable partners to IPTC 2024 including the recently signed partners such as Adage and SICK and we believe together we combine expertise across various sectors, including environment and sustainability solutions, localized manufacturing, enhanced in-house Services, engineered products and height safety, solidifying our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.”


With its range of cutting-edge technology, Kanoo Energy has attracted international and local specialist partners and innovators to implement solutions that will enable the industry in the GCC to move towards a sustainable future. Kanoo Energy extends a warm invitation to industry professionals at IPTC 2024 to visit their booth and embark on a journey of groundbreaking solutions, explore their pioneering technologies, connect with thought leaders and be part of a dynamic knowledge-sharing experience designed to drive the energy industry.    


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