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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Tuesday 1 November, 2022 8:25 am |

Johnson Controls extends OpenBlue Services in the Middle East & Africa

Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, rolls out OpenBlue Metasys Tiered Services in the Middle East and Africa region. 


OpenBlue Metasys Tiered Services comprises a suite of tailored, AI-powered services such as remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, compliance monitoring, advanced risk assessments and more. These enhanced capabilities allow monitoring and management of a comprehensive range of HVAC, fire protection, and security services in any situation, including emergencies. 


OpenBlue Services support customers decarbonization and renewable goals, making them easier to plan, execute, track and achieve, while optimizing building performance, driving energy efficiency cost savings on their journey to net zero. Building owners have four different service tiers to choose from to meet their needs.  This is organised into four increasing levels of service - Essential, Enhanced, Expert and Optimum that maximize equipment performance and lifecycle, efficiency, occupant comfort, and compliance while minimizing operating costs, unplanned downtime and energy use. “We are proud to extend our new suite of OpenBlue Services, which offers bespoke AI-powered solutions,” said Devrim Tekeli, general manager – Aftermarket, Gulf Corporation Council, Johnson Controls. “Our OpenBlue Services cater to various industries, including hospitals, schools, campuses, stadiums, enterprises, and more.” 


OpenBlue Services increase capabilities to help handle inspection, monitoring, maintenance, and repairs, keeping building environments sustainable, efficient, productive, and comfortable. Key features include predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, and advanced monitoring. In addition, it utilizes data-driven insights and analytics capabilities to facilitate timely, effective decision-making for proactive planning processes, budgeting, mitigating risks and enhancing cybersecurity. Its periodic reporting, round-the-clock, direct availability of remote expert team and real time diagnostics ensure optimal performance of buildings.


“OpenBlue serves as our blueprint of the future is an overall software platform that transforms buildings, so they become dynamic spaces. It offers key value to our customers and remain steadfast in our commitment to make buildings smarter, healthier and more sustainable. Buildings play a key role in terms of long-term economic recovery post pandemic as well as keeping building occupants safe. Ultimately, smart, healthy and more sustainable buildings are interwoven with the need for a healthier, greener planet,” concluded Tekeli.


Johnson Controls OpenBlue platform brings together traditional operational technology, existing IT systems and cloud applications infused with artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, enabling insight, integration and collaboration. Through OpenBlue, operating technologies can seamlessly communicate and integrate across a broad range of systems, thus making possible many functionalities including contact capabilities, touchless buildings and safe environments.


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