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Eye of Riyadh
Beauty & Style | Monday 30 January, 2023 3:12 pm |

Jazeera Paints hosts the Saudi-Egyptian Forum for Senior Designers and Architects.

Jazeera Paints hosted the Saudi-Egyptian Forum for senior designers and architects in Riyadh, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and the Arab World. To promote the exchange of experiences and strengthen the business and economic ties between the two neighboring countries, Jazeera Paints intends to continue to host and organize the Saudi-Egyptian Forum annually.


The event’s program began with receiving the guests, where they enjoyed an introductory tour inside Jazeera Paints’ latest and most innovative showroom. During the tour, they learned about the latest products from Jazeera Paints' senior engineers and experts.


During the introduction tour, the Egyptian and Saudi engineers engaged in cordial conversation about colors and interior design. As the soothing music started to play, everyone made their way to the workshop area, which was dedicated to offering designers individualized experiences. The latest product from Jazeera Paints, Mini Paint, was the highlight of the workshop, and was an instant hit impressing the guests.




After the workshop concluded, the event began with a speech from the CEO, Mr. Abdullah bin Saud bin Marshoud Alromaih, in which he welcomed the honorable guests, on his and his teams behave. He gave a special welcome to the senior Egyptian designers and architects in their second country Saudi Arabia. The CEO explained the purpose and background behind hosting this forum, saying: "We had the idea to organize this forum three months ago after we went to one of the major events in Egypt. Great engineers attended the event, which brought them together via innovation and enlightening discussions. Due to our presence in both Saudi Arabia and Egypt, we have decided to host this event in order to foster more commercial and economic ties between the two partner countries while also bringing together Egyptian and Saudi creative talent.”




Following the CEO's speech, a pleasant exchange between Egyptian and Saudi engineers began to take place. The engineers and experts of the company took the guests on a tour of Jazeera Paints' various departments as they discussed the company's history and its exterior and interior paint products. There were also conversations regarding colors, their range, and how crucial it is to coordinate them to a home's interior. After the session, everyone was welcomed to dine at the Al-Bujairi, where they all enjoyed the festive mood of the winter season in Riyadh. Commemorative photos were taken after the end of the gala dinner.


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