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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Cars & Autos | Wednesday 7 July, 2021 1:06 am |

Hyundai shares key car maintenance tips to help cope with summer heat in the region

With summer reaching its peak, Hyundai Motor Company has advised car owners across the region of the importance of taking care of their vehicles to avoid critical issues.

The high temperatures across the region mean drivers will have to be extra cautious by spending sufficient time checking their vehicles and be well prepared for all of their journeys during the summer.

To help provide safer driving experiences for all drivers and passengers, Hyundai Motor Company has shared 11 valuable tips that will also help protect and increase the longevity of their vehicles.

Bang Sun Jeong, Vice President, Head of the Middle East & Africa Operation, said: "At Hyundai, we understand the importance of looking after our customers.  

"Our team of experienced technicians has shared a list of vital tips that will help increase their safety on the roads and enable everyone to enjoy smooth journeys whatever the temperature.

"This is incredibly important during the hot and humid summer months that many of our customers are now experiencing across the Middle East and Africa region. With the temperatures rising to almost 50 degrees Celsius, driving in these conditions can sometimes be challenging, even more so if the car is not maintained regularly.”

Engine Care

Vehicles usually get overheated in summer. That said, heavy driving and long trips can also overheat the engine. Engine systems need thorough checks during hot summer days and long journeys. Check for the engine lubricant. If the oil gets dark in color or there is lots of grime and dirt, change the oil and replace the oil filter. Hyundai recommends changing engine oil every 10,000 KM, however, under severe driving conditions you may change oil every 5,000 KM. Always review your car’s user manual for more information on oil change intervals. Check engine coolant levels and cooling fan, too.


Tyre air pressure

Before making any trip, make sure you inspect the air pressure on all tyres. Properly inflated tyres can help prevent a flat tyre of tyre blowout as well as maximising your gas mileage on long rides.  


AC system

The summer heat can provide unpleasant journeys for passengers if the AC system is not functioning correctly. If it is not working or blowing hot air, take the vehicle immediately to a repair shop to diagnose the problem.



The extreme heat conditions can sometimes drain the power of your battery. Therefore get your battery inspected and tested to see if you have enough power capacity and identify any possible cracks or damage.


Windshield sunshade

Invest in a good quality sunshade if you will park your vehicle in an outdoor place. This affordable piece of equipment will help protect the dashboard and steering wheel from the sun and will make sure the cabin stays cooler.


Waxing exterior

After washing your vehicle, wax and seal to protect the exterior paint. This will keep the car looking new and can add an extra layer of protection from ultraviolet rays.


Inspect the fluids

Oil is your car’s lifeline. Dirty oil can reduce performance and make your engine run hotter and less smoothly. Oils can settle and fluids can start to separate which may lead to engine issues. Check and ensure there are enough fluids of your engine oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid. If the oil gets dark in color or there is lots of grime and dirt, change the oil and replace the oil filter.


Air filters

Inspect the cabin air filter, which keeps dust and other pollutants such as pollen and dirt from the road, out of your vehicle when using the AC or heater. Having a clean air filter can help the air quality inside the cabin and enable the cooling system to be operated more sufficiently.


Never leave flammable items

Flammable items such as hand sanitizers, perfumes and deodorant cans inside the vehicles should not be stored inside a car as they can cause severe damage if left in the hot weather for too long.


Roadside emergency kit

Ensure you store a roadside emergency kit with essential tools, including a portable mobile phone charger, if you have any unexpected issues. All Hyundai vehicles come equipped with a roadside kit.



Replace the old, cracked or leave streaks wipers for better visibility during summer storms or dusty weather. If summer at the place where you reside gives you surprise showers once in a while, you should ensure that the wipers are in good condition. Worn wipers leave streaks on the windshield; this could affect your driving as well. So, when taking your car for a service, enquire about the wipers.


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