18 Muharram 1446 - 24 July 2024
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Eye of Riyadh
Government | Monday 22 April, 2024 9:31 am |

GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre Introduces Cutting-Edge Registration Protocols for Arbitrators and Experts

Dr. Kamal Al Hamad, Secretary General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre, emphasized the Centre's dedication to stringent and cutting-edge standards by outlining the procedures for registering arbitrators and experts. This includes a requirement for applicants to register electronically on the Centre's website and submit all necessary documents.


 These documents should include an academic certificate, evidence of a minimum of ten years of practical experience for arbitrators and seven years for experts in their specialized field, completion of the International Fellowship Program in Arbitration, and the Arbitrators Qualification Program. Additionally, arbitrators must have issued at least five institutional arbitration awards, while experts must provide three expert reports in their field of expertise.


 Furthermore, applicants must present a university statement verifying the validity of their certificate, acknowledge the authenticity of their submitted documents, and provide any additional evidence demonstrating the Centre's commitment to aligning with the latest international practices in commercial arbitration. This process is part of the Centre's strategic plan to rank among the world's top ten commercial arbitration Centres.


Dr. Al-Hamad emphasized that arbitrators and experts associated with the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre must possess a comprehensive set of skills and attributes. These include a solid foundation in legal knowledge, adept analytical abilities, effective communication skills, proficiency in managing intricate situations, impartiality, and a profound comprehension of arbitration principles along with the pertinent laws and regulations governing the disputes they handle.


Dr. Al Hamad stated that the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre recently turned down over 60 applications due to failure to meet these rigorous criteria. "We view these exacting standards as fundamental to upholding the reputation and sustained success of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre," Dr. Al-Hamad commented. "The arbitrators and experts we appoint play a pivotal role in establishing our standing as a premier institution in commercial arbitration. Their possession of requisite professional skills, experience, qualifications, and professional licenses reflects the efficiency and quality of the services we deliver."


Dr. Al-Hamad highlighted the role of arbitrators and experts as neutral third parties tasked with facilitating dispute resolution outside the conventional judicial framework. To excel in this role, an arbitrator must possess a skill set enabling them to attentively listen to the arguments put forth by involved parties, impartially assess evidence, and render swift, reliable, and equitable decisions.


Moreover, Dr. Al Hamad affirmed the Centre's extensive roster of arbitrators and experts, each specializing in diverse cases. These professionals undergo ongoing evaluation across various domains pertinent to the Centre's operations and the high-quality arbitration services it delivers.




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