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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Tuesday 7 November, 2023 9:16 am |

Editage’s Latest Whitepaper Sheds Light on the Crucial Role of Publication Support in Advancing Saudi Vision 2030

In the fast-paced world of research and academia, the significance of publishing in high-impact journals is crucial for researchers. Developing high-quality manuscripts with correct grammar and language, access to resources, and navigating the intricate landscape of international research styles play a vital role in empowering researchers in Saudi Arabia to achieve their publishing goals. This is precisely the terrain where Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a science communication and technology company, excels. With great enthusiasm, the organization, along with its flagship brand Editage, steps into the Saudi market to support the scientific research community on their research journey. 




“Saudi Arabia's unwavering commitment to advancing science and research, as outlined in the visionary Vision 2030 document, is truly inspiring. At Editage, we are deeply honored to be part of this transformative journey. As discussed in our whitepaper, our strategic publishing services are designed not just to assist Saudi researchers in achieving objectives but also to help align their vital work with the ambitious goals of Vision 2030. By aiding researchers in conveying their discoveries, we aim to strengthen knowledge dissemination to realize economic and societal progress in Saudi Arabia,” commented Abhishek Goel, CEO and Co-founder, CACTUS.




The Editage whitepaper, titled “Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia's Path to Progress through Research Excellence,” underlines the company’s dedication to serve as a valuable resource for researchers and institutions, including universities, medical cities, and key government departments targeting successful global publication. 




Dr. Zaki Sulaiman, Country Sales Manager, KSA, remarked, “It is an opportune time for Editage to expand into the Saudi market and establish presence in the country. The whitepaper encapsulates the need for strategic publication support for Saudi researchers. Our vision is to work hand in hand with Saudi Arabia's research institutions and government entities dedicated to achieving the Vision 2030 goals.”  




As part of its expansion into the Saudi market, Editage will offer a range of services, including language editing, manuscript formatting, translation services, and publication support, all tailored to the specific needs of Saudi researchers who aspire to publish in global indexed journals. This initiative underscores Editage's dedication to fostering research excellence and knowledge sharing, in line with Vision 2030's objectives.


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