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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Friday 1 December, 2023 3:45 am |

EDGE Group Continues Stellar International Growth, Consolidating its Position as an Industry Leader

EDGE Group is marking four years of stellar growth as one of the world’s fastest growing advanced technology and defence conglomerates, boasting an impressive portfolio of 160 innovative systems and solutions - a major accomplishment in a relatively short timeframe, and a global footprint that covers over 50 countries across five continents. EDGE is aggressively pursuing its product development roadmap and is fast becoming a partner of choice in the domains of autonomous systems, smart weapons, electronic warfare and secure communications.




A major focus of EDGE’s expansion has been the development of symbiotic relationships across its global supply chain as it reinforces its position as the main economic driver and contributor within the UAE’s maturing defence ecosystem, while it taps into those provided by its international partners. A large portion of the group’s robust growth strategy is anchored in its acquisitions of highly-specialised defence companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which complement the established capabilities within EDGE, allowing it to continuously grow and transform based on the requirements of its customers, which today include the armed forces of several nations around the world. 




Over the last two years, EDGE has completed acquisitions of 12 successful companies, many of which specialise in the development and production of autonomous air, land, and sea systems, including Estonia-based Milrem Robotics, Brazil-based SIATT, Poland-based FLARIS, and Switzerland-based ANAVIA. The group has plans for several other acquisitions follows a ‘win-win’ acquisition strategy which enables EDGE, and its subsidiaries and partners, to mutually accelerate their product development and manufacturing, technological expertise, to strengthen and expand their supply chains, and to benefit fully from existing synergies and strengths.




H.E. Faisal Al Bannai, Chairman of EDGE, said: “When EDGE was launched four years ago we said we aimed to become a world leader, specifically in the autonomous systems, smart weapons, and electronic warfare domains. Today we are recognised as a key player in all three areas and are expanding our sights to new frontiers including space. Within this short time, we have gone from just over 30 products to having a portfolio of 160 innovative, disruptive systems and solutions, which are amongst the best in the industry for performance as well as price-point, and the vast majority of which are indigenous. This is a remarkable achievement, and there is much more to come.




“To reinforce the rate and speed of progress, as soon as we concluded the testing of the REACH-S UAV, which we brought to market in just two years since launch, we received an order for 100 units, and within weeks of acquiring our shareholdings in SIATT, we announced large orders from the Brazilian Navy and UAE Ministry Defence for the advanced MANSUP-ER system, and a week after joining EDGE, ANAVIA announced the sale of several HT-100s to a major international customer. This shows the speed with which we are powering through our product development programmes, and the confidence being placed in the quality of our solutions by armed forces worldwide.”




To strengthen its international acquisition strategy, EDGE has fully acquired the Strategic Development Fund (SDF), which will manage the group’s global portfolio through direct venture partnerships and venture capital investments.




Mansour Al Mulla, Managing Director & CEO of EDGE, said: “EDGE has earned a reputation for agility and innovation, and our customers and partners are telling our story. EDGE is growing fast in size and capability, and we are now a global player with a footprint across five continents, and tapping into established industry ecosystems to create a portfolio of highly-competitive, technologically advanced systems. We continue to invest in international expertise and are proud to boast a workforce of over 8,000 skilled employees from 88 countries around the world.




“EDGE’s rise to becoming one of the world’s leading defence players has largely been enabled by the support and vision of the UAE’s leadership, whose vision is to create an international hub of advanced defence research and Industry 4.0 manufacturing in the country, has encouraged EDGE to establish itself in multiple sectors across the land, air, sea, and cyber domains, to boost sovereign capabilities, and to establish itself as a major exporter of superior defence systems.”




To date, EDGE has introduced 160 products to its expanding portfolio, including 55 solutions to its missiles and weapons capabilities; 60 platforms and systems; and 45 solutions to its electronic warfare, and cyber technologies portfolios combined, in addition to its training and trading services. The group has signed over 200 major local and international contracts for its defence technology systems and solutions. The group has increased the overall value of its international exports by over 300% since launch.




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