09 Rabi' I 1444 - 4 October 2022
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Eye of Riyadh
Environment & Energy | Tuesday 26 April, 2022 4:57 am |


This year, Lenovo is observing Earth Day and looking forward to a brighter, greener, more connected future by continuing to implement a science-based approach to maximize conservation and minimize greenhouse gas emissions in measurable and meaningful ways.

Mohammed Hilili, General Manager, Gulf, Lenovo, said: “It is notable that leaders have remained strong and steadfast with governments in the Middle East having affirmed their commitment to supporting sustainable practices. Recent developments in the UAE include the launch of four pioneering national initiatives to ensure the sustainability of water resources, a program to attract young people to be part of local and global green initiatives and, financing clean energy projects and becoming the first Gulf nation to commit to net zero emissions by 2050.” 

“With the growing awareness on global climate change, the tech industry at large has been searching for ways to reduce their overall environmental impact. By implementing new, sustainable practices into our production and packaging methods, Lenovo seeks to innovate the environment, beyond the device.” 

To create technologies that enhance the wellbeing of citizens and push for a positive society, Lenovo is consistently developing and refining processes to help reduce our environmental impact, while also meeting product quality standards. All of these efforts are made to transition Lenovo and its users from the linear economy (make, use, dispose) to a circular economy (make, use, return).

Smarter IT Sustainability is Only a Click Away

With research showing that 50% of consumers consider sustainability an important purchase criterion and differentiator Lenovo works with an Environmental Partner to compensate the CO2 emissions associated with devices, and customers are then able to track and confirm the offset information through the serial number of the device.

As one of the first PC manufacturers to bring this type of carbon compensation service to the IT industry, Lenovo developed its CO2 Offset Service as a solution for its customers to help them meet their own environmental goals. However, it is just part of the company’s broader Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy and ambitions.

Reimagining Plastic Recycling

In the year 2020, production and consumption of plastic has accelerated so rapidly that 8.3 billion metric tons of mostly disposable products have been created, generating an extraordinary amount of waste. While Lenovo recognizes the challenges of responsibly managing e-waste, the company recognizes that it must take immediate, decisive action. 

Since 2005, Lenovo’s research and development teams have been working with post-consumer content (PCC) suppliers to develop and qualify new grades of plastic resins for reuse in the manufacture of new Lenovo products. So far, Lenovo has used more than 110 million pounds of net recycled plastic and 12 million pounds of closed-loop recycled content in products and packaging. 66 Lenovo products are made with closed-loop PCC recycled materials.

Walking the Talk

Lenovo is also committed to maximizing value throughout a product’s lifecycle and keeping end-of-life products out of landfills. As such, reverse supply chains help Lenovo reintegrate products and parts that still have life or that can be repaired or refurbished for further use. Lenovo’s product takeback programs also make it really easy for many customers around the world to recycle their old devices, batteries, and packaging. Since 2005, Lenovo has processed more than 257, 766 tons of computer equipment for recycling and reuse. 

As a provider of world-class technology solutions, Lenovo also believes that it is responsible to serve the global community. As such, inclusive design experts vet products to ensure they work comfortably for everyone, Intel® Core™ vPro® processors used in Lenovo ThinkPad products are made with conflict-free minerals and the Lenovo Foundation will have benefitted 5 million individuals around the world by 2025.



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