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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Friday 19 January, 2024 3:43 am |

du introduces “Care Connect” platform to elevate enterprise customer experience

du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), today unveiled a Care Connect platform, an enterprise service assurance solution. Targeted at existing and new customers who rely on du's managed connectivity services, the platform aims to transform network service transparency and facilitate seamless communication within organisations.


The innovative platform is engineered to continuously collect, categorise, and translate complex network data into actionable insights. It consolidates various elements of network service assurance into a single interface, thereby solving the problem of fragmented third-party management. Designed to enhance the operational efficiency of IT managers, system engineers, service managers, and IT operations teams, thereby contributing to improved customer experience metrics.


Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer at du said: "The Care Connect platform represents a significant shift in our approach to enterprise network management. By converting intricate data into actionable insights, we enable our clients to concentrate on their primary business goals. This launch highlights du's ongoing commitment to digital leadership and innovation that centres on customer needs." 


Service providers often struggle with the disjointed administrative tools that come with third-party platforms, but this platform integrates these into a single management structure. It collects network data across multiple services, categorises it, and then translates it into service-focused insights that are both reportable and easily understandable. This not only reduces the complexity of managing services but also eliminates the need for constant app-switching to gather data, leading to increased cohesion in service management. 


Additionally, the platform enhances customer engagement by offering a shared view of network performance metrics. This allows customers and their IT managers to not only monitor their services in real-time but also provide targeted feedback to their service providers, thus creating a collaborative environment for continuous improvement.


The launch of the Care Connect platform is a pivotal moment for du reaffirming du's commitment to being a digital leader in the UAE. It aims to be a user-friendly solution that addresses the multifaceted needs of modern network management. By providing a platform that simplifies complex data, enhances operational efficiency, and fosters transparent communication, du is setting a new standard for service assurance in the telecommunication sector. This initiative is more than just an upgrade, it's a comprehensive solution that promises to elevate the customer experience. 








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