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Eye of Riyadh
Healthcare | Thursday 8 December, 2022 11:57 am |

Dallah Hospital Al Nakheel is awarded six global certificates in surgery by the American Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) for Accreditation of Surgical Centers of Excellence

In a move that reflects excellence of medical services provided


Dallah Hospital Al Nakheel has made a new and significant achievement as an extension of its quality achievements by obtaining accreditation certificates of the American Surgical Review Corporation for Accreditation of Surgical Centers of Excellence (SRC) for six of the hospital's surgical centers of excellence; namely:-


  • Center of Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery 
  • Center of Excellence in Metabolic Bariatric Surgery
  • Center of Excellence in Joint Replacement 
  • Center of Excellence in Kidney Stone Management
  • Center of Excellence in Specialized Anesthesia
  • Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Having been awarded the above certificates reflects the excellence of Dallah Hospital Al Nakheel in various medical and surgical operations and procedures with the presence of elite physicians and consultants in specialized surgeries with extensive cumulative experience, as well as having a top-level nursing, technical and technologist staff.


Dallah Hospital Al Nakheel being awarded such eminent global certificates from a global corporation known for being credible and professional, is a typical corollary of the diligence and distinction of all its medical facilities. No doubt, such great achievement will strongly motivate the hospital personnel to continue thier efforts in order to retain it.


This is an extension of the Dallah Healthcare Company and Dallah Hospital Al Nakheel management's care for patient safety and guarantee of implementation of their top standards in accordance with the best high-quality medical practices, making them acheive such excellence and prestigious rank in providing health care. It should be noted that Dallah Al Hospital Nakheel has a track record of awarded international and local accreditations; CBAHI accreditation, Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation, ISO certification for food safety (ISO 22000), ISO certification for information security and confidentiality (ISO 27000), and international accreditation for health information (HIMSS6)


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