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Eye of Riyadh
Environment & Energy | Wednesday 8 June, 2022 10:50 am |


French leader in project assistance for the development of public infrastructures, already implemented in KSA, will showcase its solutions and engineering know-how on the occasion of the Saudi French seminar on water & waste management scheduled on June 14, 2022 at Crown Plaza Hotel, Rdc Hotel & Convention - Room Ibn Batouta 2, Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia  - As part of Vision 2030 and due to rapid industrialization, high population growth and fast urbanization, Saudi Arabia wants to support development of recycling projects and increase water and energy preservation for sustainable development.


Indeed, reducing greenhouse emissions, protecting the environment, and creating a sustainable future became a top priority in the Kingdom that has been increasing lately its investments in clean energy, power, water & waste management.


Securing Saudi Arabia’s position as the world’s largest water market as well as a promising market for waste management


Likewise, unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2021, the Saudi Green and Middle East Green initiatives call for regional cooperation to tackle the environmental challenges facing the Kingdom and the region. Hence, the National Center for Waste Management (MWAN) aims to recycle 35 percent of all types of waste by 2035, and it plans to treat the waste that cannot be recycled through the production of derivative fuels or the production of energy. It estimates that Saudi Arabia will require over 1,300 treatment facilities and landfills to treat 106 million tons of waste.  The Kingdom plan also to increase the desalination capacity to 7.5 million cubic metres of water per day by 2027 under the Vision 2030.


All these green initiatives are going to need well thought-out development and maintenance based on a sustainable plan including the participation of all stakeholders.


French players, strategic local partners for investment & innovation in achieving the goals of the Vision 2030


Thus, COGITE which is specialized in project management engineering and assistance for complex projects is attending the French-Saudi seminar on water & waste management organized by Business France, French Trade agency supporting the internationalization of the French economy with the presence of key stakeholders such as the National Water Company, Saudi Water Partnership Company, Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Saudi Investment Recycling Company, to name a few.


Commenting on their participation Adrien Leleu, International Director at COGITE said: “We are excited to be part of this event and look forward to sharing knowledge and expertise with the industry stakeholders. Saudi Arabia is our key market as it is witnessing a massive growth in water & waste management infrastructure and our intent is to help the kingdom achieve its ambitious vision for green and sustainable development under the Vision 2030. This industry has become instrumental to align with climate change objectives and a competitive business across the region. COGITE is well equipped to aid local stakeholders navigate their way to building quality projects, that are beneficial and sustainable for the whole community”


Since 2017, COGITE has been working in KSA in the water and sanitation sector (in Riyadh, in Western and Southern clusters). COGITE is now involved in the water sector transition through various contracts until 2029 with national public authorities. “COGITE international experts are proud to bring their expertise and support to Saudi Vision 2030. The country is a full-scale platform to design and implement systems to improve energy efficiency and reduce water consumption. Megaprojects such as NEOM are in this regard insightful as it intends to build a sustainable water ecosystem founded on the principles of the circular economy and smart connected infrastructure to maximize the potential of water through desalination.added Leleu.


The company through its smart engineering and multidisciplinary approach, has more than 10 years of experience in Large Water Cycle & Stormwater, Smart City & Public Policy, Waste Management & Energy along with Mobility & Transport projects and will be pitching its solutions during the seminar to empower the industry players to engage more with a circular economy framework. “With the right technology and legal framework, what was considered a worthless waste until now, can be transformed into a valuable sustainable resource and that’s what we are trying to implement with COGITE.” according to Adrien Leleu.


The seminar will gather experts and major industry stakeholders, including officials from the government and municipalities, major project owners, contractors, engineers, and other industry professionals, to discuss the enhancement of water & waste management systems through circular economy and tech-enabled solutions provided by French companies.


Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East region, is undoubtedly the hotbed for the future of desalination & water industry. In addition, the growing importance of waste-to-energy makes it a very promising market for French companies that are willing to implement their innovative solutions to improve and support the Kingdom’s energy performance.




COGITE- was founded in 2011 and provides services in the management and development of public infrastructures, from the technical, financial and contractual fields to organizational and institutional performance. They work with public utilities, donors, development banks, Governments, National, Regional and International agencies.


Their passionate and multidisciplinary team performs technical, contractual & financial study & Management supervision of water & sanitation services and regulatory & institutional framework.


Their team of consultants and experts offers:


• Tailored responses to local issues and challenges


• Innovative technical, economic and legal solutions


• Multiple skills and expertise


• A dynamic, passionate and multidisciplinary team


• Independent advice: scientific rigor and objectivity


• Total involvement in the success of your projects


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