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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Thursday 2 April, 2015 12:45 am |

Casio set to unveil innovative Lamp-Free Projector across Middle East

Casio, pioneers of Laser and LED hybrid light sources for projectors, are all set to introduce the unique XJ-V1 Lamp-Free Projector, that will for the first time bring consumers the benefits of path-breaking lamp-free design technology at an affordable price.

The next-generation XJ-V1, with a high-brightness quotient of 2700 lumens, is ideal for all those who need a bright projector for both business and educational needs. The innovative projector, which will be on view for the first time in the Middle East, at the upcoming Global Education Supplies and Solutions Exhibition in Dubai later this month, will hit the market in the second quarter of 2015.

"With the XJ-V1 becoming available the regional markets, it will bring the benefits of affordable lamp-free design to a whole new segment of the market. The new projector is ideal for both educational institutions and commercial operations and we expect a good response from prospective customers across the Middle East," said Tsuneo Nagai, Managing Director of Casio Middle East.

Since developing a Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source that enables high-brightness projection without using a high-pressure mercury lamp, Casio released its first projector equipped with that design in 2010. Since then, Casio has continued to hold a leading share of the market for Laser & LED hybrid light source projectors, and as a market pioneer currently holds an 87.8% share.

High-brightness projectors equipped with Laser & LED hybrid light sources were until now restricted to the high end of the projector market due to their advanced technology. Casio has successfully developed a lamp-free projector at an affordable price, made possible by designing a new light source and projection lens among other innovations. The XJ-V1 promises to finally make Laser & LED hybrid projectors accessible to a much wider user base.

Casio has designed the XJ-V1 so that users can easily replace their projectors equipped with a conventional high-pressure mercury lamp. The XJ-V1 mostly mounts using existing universal standard ceiling mount hardware to minimize investment and installation labor, meaning that the projector can be used the very day it arrives. The body has been refined to keep dust out and further shield the light source, in consideration of dusty environments.

With a Laser & LED hybrid light source that has a lifespan of 20,000 hours without needing to replace a lamp, and drawing approximately half the power, the XJ-V1 offers superior value with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than a projector equipped with a high-pressure mercury lamp. Unlike a high-pressure mercury lamp, there is no wait time for the light source to become bright, nor is there a need for a cool-down period before turning the projector on again. The XJ-V1 reaches a maximum brightness in as fast as 5 seconds from the time the power is switched on. The projector completely powers off with just a touch of the button, and can be used right away when powered back on.
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