21 Jumada I 1445 - 5 December 2023
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Healthcare | Tuesday 30 May, 2023 8:39 pm |

As the first private sector outpatient center specializing in interventional M musculoskeletal radiology, Dallah Hospital Al-Nakheel announces the establishment of the "Image guided Musculoskeletal Therapy Center".

Due to the community's need for non-surgical treatment options using interventional bone x-ray technology, Dallah Hospital Al-Nakheel announced the establishment of a "Non-Surgicalmusculoskeletal Treatment Center" as the first outpatient center specialized in this field using musculoskeletalinterventional radiology techniques at the level of the private sector in the Kingdom. Interventional musculoskeletalradiology is a medical specialty that includes a package of procedures under the guidance of medical images without surgical incision, with the aim of accurately reaching the goal without traditional surgery.


Regarding the details of the use of interventional musculoskeletal radiology in various treatments, Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulaziz AlFaqih, a consultant interventional musculoskeletal radiologist and founder of Image guided Musculoskeletal Therapy Center at Dallah Hospital Al-Nakheel, says: "Interventional musculoskeletal radiology techniques are used to pinpoint the area of the problem utilizing high-tech radiology machines, and therefore targeted treatment is done in the area causing the pain without traditional surgery, resulting in accurate outcomes and a high success rate. Dallahdoctors utilize ultrasound or x-ray technologies to precisely reach the target via a tube or a small needle.


These non-surgical methods can help with joint pain and can also improve function in people with osteoarthritis and non-surgical sports injuries, with low risks and often significant pain reduction.


In particular, the center specializes in treating the following notable cases that can be treated with interventional musculoskeletal radiology: osteoarthritis, non-surgical sports injuries to all joints and tendons, including the shoulder (Frozen shoulder, certain rotator cuff injuries and bursitis), knee, elbow (tennis elbow and Golfer's elbow diseases), tendons and jointsosteoarthritis of the hand, tendons and joints of the pelvis and hip, tendonosis and joints of the foot, non-surgical herniated disc for the lower back, injection of medical cement in fractures resulting from osteoporosis, as well as problems with peripheral nerve resulting from sports injuries and muscle bruises or narrowing of the tunnels passing through them.


One of the techniques used in the Image guided Musculoskeletal Therapy Center is the Cooled Radio Frequency Ablation technique. It is a modern technology that relies on the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves and precise control of the required temperature. The benefits of Cooled Radio Frequency Ablation are: It is a quick procedure (one day surgery) that does not require general anesthesia, recovery time is usually fast with minimal pain or discomfort, Mobility improves (many patients begin to feel relief within 1 week), and it reduces the need for pharmacological analgesia and associated negative side effects. The cases that are treated with Cooled Radio Frequency Ablation are: chronic back painand knee Osteoarthritis , which do not require a surgical intervention and the medications were not effective with them, as well as chronic pain resulting from roator cuff arthropathy, chronic pain resulting from hip Osteoarthritis, in addition to pain resulting from knee neuritis after knee surgery.


The founder of Image guided Musculoskeletal Therapy Center, Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulaziz AlFaqih, in his talk about interventional Musculoskeletal radiology, points to its advantages, including pain relief during the procedure: no stitches, staples, or large bandages are used, with the use of local anesthesia in a moderate manner. The treatment is also characterized by the speed of recovery, the rapid procedure, as well as the low risks, compared to traditional surgery, and the operation in outpatient clinics allows the patient to return to his home on the same day he receives the treatment, which makes him feel psychologically comfortable, and helps him to practice his life normally.



And about the establishment of Dallah Hospital Al-Nakheel for the specialized center, Image guided MusculoskeletalTherapy Center, Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulaziz AlFaqih explained that the establishment of this center is a quantum leap for the private medical sector, not only at the hospital level, but also at the level of the Kingdom, pointing out that the center has all the capabilities, including modern medical equipment and devices, especially high-tech interventional Musculoskeletalradiology, in addition to the presence of high qualified doctors, nursing, administrative and technical staff, which enables it to use interventional Musculoskeletal radiology efficiently and with high quality.


It is worth mentioning that Dallah Health Group comprises six pioneering healthcare facilities, serving more than 1.5 million patients annually, throughout the KSA, via more than 900 beds and 500 outpatient clinics. The group has more than 3,000 employees, including around 1,000 specialists, in its effort to provide the highest standards of health care in the KSA.



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