13 Muharram 1446 - 19 July 2024
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Government | Friday 7 June, 2024 12:35 am |

Ajman Department of Finance Enhances Financial Planning Efficiency Among Supervisory Staff in the Emirate’s Government

The Ajman Department of Finance recently organised a workshop titled "Financial Planning for Supervisory Personnel in the Ajman Government." The workshop aimed to equip supervisory personnel in government agencies across the Emirate of Ajman with the skills to plan financial resources efficiently and effectively, thereby playing a vital role in enhancing economic growth and financial stability in the emirate.


The workshop underscores the department’s firm commitment to elevating financial planning efficiency to the highest standards of excellence across various sectors in the emirate. This initiative is part of the department’s ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive support for developing the specialised knowledge and skills of government human capital in various financial fields. Such efforts contribute to enabling these professionals to develop advanced financial strategies and formulate future financial policies that support sustainable development and enhance the emirate's competitiveness.


His Excellency Marwan Al Ali, Director General of the Ajman Department of Finance, stated: "This workshop is part of our continuous efforts to enhance cooperation and coordination with our partners in designing comprehensive training and development programmes. These programmes align with the best international practices and aim to improve the efficiency of human resources in the government financial sector of the Emirate of Ajman. By transferring specialised knowledge and expertise to them, we enable them to keep pace with future requirements and address various economic challenges effectively." He emphasised the importance of financial planning and effective budget implementation in improving the management of public funds and spending efficiency, and in achieving equitable resource distribution. The workshop sought to equip supervisory employees with the tools needed to make sound decisions transparently and responsibly, in line with the strategic priorities of their respective government agencies. Ultimately, this initiative aims to enhance financial sustainability and improve the quality of life in the emirate.


Khalifa Al Alili, Director of the Government Budgets Department, highlighted that the workshop is part of the department's year-long training plan to meet the needs of supervisory employees across the emirate's government and improve their performance. He underscored the department’s commitment to collaboration and the joint efforts with all local government agencies to ensure the sustainability of financial activities.


The workshop provided participants with specialised knowledge to improve the effectiveness of financial planning and the implementation of the emirate's general budget. It covered several key areas, including economic growth and stability, economic justice, and the economic goals of society. 


Additionally, the workshop addressed economic policy, its types, and the government's general budget components. It also outlined steps for budget preparation based on strategic priorities to achieve maximum efficiency with available financial resources.


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