19 Muharram 1446 - 25 July 2024
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Ministry of Youth

Ministry of Youth

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Regulating the youth’s capabilities and investing them in a manner that best achieves their active participation in sustainable human development, and entrenching the values of teamwork and volunteerism.


Encouraging the youth to exercise leisure sports for the purpose of developing physical fitness and self-control.


The  Duties and Authorities:


1. Setting the national policy for sponsoring youth and setting plans and programs necessary to achieve the policy in cooperation and coordination with the parties concerned, for the purpose of unifying efforts and employing the various capabilities.

2. Licensing youth clubs and organizations.

3. Establishing and supervising youth centers, and setting programs and plans capable of achieving their objectives in accordance with directives set by the Council for this purpose.

4. Sponsoring youth with special needs, regulating the investment of their capabilities and providing them with opportunities to exercise youth activities.

5. Highlighting the capabilities of gifted and talented youth, and adopting plans and programs capable of achieving them.

6. Representing the Kingdom in Arab and international parties and organizations concerned, both official and local ones, organizing youth exchange, and signing agreements with them.

7. Proposing legislations related to youth sponsorship.

8. Determining the fees for services provided by the Council in line with instructions issued for this purpose.

9. Forming committees that it deems necessary for assisting it in performing its duties.


The  Responsibilities:


The Council manages and supervises (65) youth centers, of which (40) centers are for males and (25) centers are for females, spread throughout the Kingdom.

(3) sports cities in Amman, Irbid and Zarqa.

(13) sports complexes in governorates and districts.

(6) youth camps spread throughput the Kingdom.

(7) youth hostels spread throughout the Kingdom.


The Council provides financial and material support for (281) sports, cultural, social clubs throughout the Kingdom.

The Council issued (45) books in a series of youth cultural education regarding our national, pan-Arab and urban principles and the skills of modern life. The Council maintains the policy of issuing this series of books.


The Council has a special magazine (The Youth Magazine), which is a youth forum concerned with youth issues, and is distributed to youth in Jordan and abroad.


An artistic group made of men and women concerned with the local Jordanian culture was qualified and it represented Jordan in a number of youth gatherings abroad and has achieved honorable results.


The Council signed a number of bilateral protocols and agreements with several brotherly Arab countries and other friendly countries.


The Council has extraordinary activity in cooperation with non-governmental international and local organizations concerned with youth issues.


The Council activates the Law for the Youth and Sports Activity Support Fund.

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