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Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Ministry of Water and Irrigation

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Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) is the official body responsible for the overall monitoring of the water sector, water supply and wastewater system and the related projects, planning and management, the formulation of national water strategies and policies, research and development, information systems [1]and procurement of financial resources. Its role also includes the provision of centralized water-related data, standardization and consolidation of data.

The MWI was established in: 1988 by-law issued by the executive branch of the Government under the Jordanian Constitution. The establishment of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation was in response to Jordan’s recognition of the need for a more integrated approach to national water management. Since its establishment, MWI has been supported by several donor organization projects that have assisted in the development of water policy and water master planning as well as restructuring the water sector.Seven directorates under the direction of the Assistant Secretary Generals for Finance and Administration and Technical Affairs as well as two units for Legal Affairs and Project Finances directly subordinate to the Secretary General fulfil the said functions (MWI Organisational Chart).                                                 Units for public relations, internal monitoring and water security and protection are directly subordinate to the Minister of Water and Irrigation with responsibilities overarching MWI, WAJ and JVA (Ministry By-Law No.52 of 1992).

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation embraces the two most important entities dealing with water in Jordan:

The Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ): in charge of water & sewage systems.

The Jordan Valley Authority (JVA): responsible for the socio-economic development of the Jordan Rift Valley, including water development and distribution of irrigation.

This relative position with respect to WAJ & JVA reinforces MWI's leading role as Jordan's lead entity on water issues. With its extensive Water Information System1, MWI has become a leader in the region that uses GIS-based digital tools for Water Master Planning activities, offering the framework, databases and tools necessary to manage water data and providing water specialists with data and information for water sector monitoring, management and planning. MWI regularly produces essential water sector information products including the Water Master Plan.




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