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General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)

General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)

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The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is an agency of the state concerned with social insurance and social security services in Saudi Arabia. It is among the first government bodies in terms of applying information technology in its business since 1973. Due to the emergence of e-government concepts and in light of the continuous development of information technology and communications which has a major effect on the achievement of objectives, GOSI adopted information technology to achieve efficient social insurance coverage, thus "GOSI Electronic Services" emerged and have become a strong link within e-government system. GOSI e-services provides a set of e-channels such as online insurance, social security, e-payment, GOSI-Phone, direct link service, and Short Message Service (SMS). e-GOSI aims at providing online social insurance via: · Automating all services provided for categories dealing with GOSI. · Multiple channels. · Proactive services. · Enriching information content of online insurance. The organisation is responsible for implementing compulsory insurance coverage, collecting contributions from employers and paying benefits for the eligible contributors or their family members.The Scheme covers workers in private sector and a group of workers in public sector. It also provides the contributors and their families with a decent life after leaving work due to retirement, disability or death; medical care for contributors afflicted with work injuries or occupational diseases; and necessary compensation in the event of occupational disability or death. Through GOSI Online, which was launched in mid 2005, the first interactive and integrated electronic transaction was conducted. Beneficiaries can use this channel to conduct all transactions like insurance, social security without the need to visit GOSI offices. System-to-System and GOSI Online channels were launched in the same year. This channel meets the needs of large companies for directly conducting e-transactions between their systems and GOSI systems without the intervention of the human factor. This channel uses advanced security technologies such as digital certificates and electronic signatures.

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