09 Muharram 1446 - 15 July 2024
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National Center for Youth Studies

National Center for Youth Studies

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Introduction: Young people are too susceptible a group in the society to social changes. That is why all development plans are targeting them as they constitute the most dynamic force in the society. Youth (15-30 years age category) mostly do not understand fully the abrupt changes they may have witnessed and this might explain their attitudes and behavior and how they can be adversely affected. This age category has the biggest share in the society due to the increase in child birth rate arising from the advance in health in addition to the cultural awareness arrived at in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently, thanks praise be to Allah Almighty. Given that young people have greatest impact, as a workforce, on jobs opportunities, they are considered to be the most ambitious segment of the society to immediately be aware of any change. Hence, they are, therefore, mostly affected through their interaction and response to the education and technology deliverables. All this is because of the traits and characteristics of young people – the continuous search for change and innovations and advocating views that let them feel they are no longer minor children. Given the aforementioned facts, it was imperative that the cultural, educational and social institutions should draft a plan for a better youth future and ought to establish a specialized center to study and tackle the concerns with the aim of monitoring, studying and analyzing their current and future concerns and issues, arrive at scientific solutions to their problems and formulate appropriate recommendations that best serve them and their community. All these efforts culminated in the issuance of the royal cable message No. 1086, dated 26/01/1428AH, by the custodian of the two holy mosques, the chairman of the council of ministers, the chairman of the board of higher education – May Allah Guard him against all harms - approving the decision of the higher education council No. 9/44/1427 dated 21/10/1427AH, regarding the establishment of the National Center for Youth Studies (NCYS).

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