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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Monday 13 July, 2020 1:14 am |

With Outstanding Performance, Display, and Audio, LG OLED TV is the Preferred Choice for Gamers

LG Electronics has confirmed that its all-new OLED 48-inch CX TV meets the needs of professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts who care about image quality and fast responsiveness. With a display offering unprecedented detail, the fastest response rate of 1 millisecond, and connection ease and power, the new OLED TV by LG is the preferred choice for gamers seeking a thrilling experience when taking on new challenges at home.




LG CEO in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mr. John Lee commented: “LG equipped the OLED CX TV with the latest technologies to meet the needs of gamers as it combines ultra-clear display quality with fantastic gaming features. We are delighted that the LG OLED CX TV is entertaining users and enhancing their experience, especially during a time when official entities are recommending staying at home because of current health circumstances. It’s important that people care about their psychological wellbeing and have fun during the social distancing and curfew period.”




On the technical side, the LG OLED CX TV meets all the technical requirements needed for the ultimate gaming experience. It features single-pixel precision technology to prevent asynchronous frames or distortions, resulting in exceptional image quality with perfect contrast and black tone. It also provides ultra-fast response time to support the gamer in terms of vision, observation, and fast gameplay.




Because rapid response is an important element in gaming, the LG OLED CX is equipped with Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), a new technology that provides seamless operation and rapid shifts with the highest accuracy and refresh rates (up to 120 frames) by allowing the screen and game console to automatically stop any repeated or unnecessary processing.




The LG OLED CX TV supports play mode, which automatically activates the Reduced Response Delay Rate feature twice as fast as any other OLED TV. This is in addition to activating HDR Gaming Interest Group (HGiG) technology so gamers can enjoy high-quality visuals suitable for game creators and developers who design HDR games played through their LG TV consoles due to its compatibility with NVIDIA G-SYNC® technology.




PC gamers can also enjoy displaying their games on the LG OLED CX as it supports AMD FreeSync Premium® technology, thereby providing a 120Hz refresh rate plus low framerate compensation (LFC).




The LG OLED CX also features unparalleled image quality, and it employs AI-driven audio technology to understand its surroundings, thereby distributing and adjusting sound accurately to heighten the gamer’s senses within the game’s atmosphere. The TV also includes BT Surround technology so users can connect to two LG Bluetooth speakers simultaneously to mix 2.0 channel sound with virtual 4.0 surround sound for a more immersed experience for thrilling games.




The OLED CX TV is Eye Comfort Display certified; it only emits 29% blue light during a time when 50% is considered the best percentage for eye comfort. This protects gamers from harmful blue light as they spend long hours trying to get ahead in the game on the OLED CX TV.




The LG OLED CX TV doesn’t just meet the aspirations of gamers; it also keeps up with the technological advancements of game creators and developers. OLED CX TVs support the HDMI VRR port of next-generation consoles, making OLED CX TVs compatible with a variety of graphics cards and controllers.




LG launched the 48-inch OLED CX TV earlier this month, coinciding with the growth of the global gaming market compared to last year and the surge in searches for gaming consoles during the curfew period imposed last March.




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