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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Tuesday 11 August, 2020 5:43 am |

Tetra Pak launches campaign highlighting long-life milk production, nutritional value and health benefits

Tetra Pak®, the world's leading provider of food and beverage packaging solutions, has launched an interactive campaign to raise awareness about the importance of long-life milk, its nutritional value, safety, and health benefits.


Explaining the purpose of the campaign, Niels Hougaard, Tetra Pak Managing Director of Arabia Area & Cluster Leader, Sales Management, Greater Middle East & Africa, said: "The campaign aims to provide the public with the necessary information about long-life milk production and quality standards applied. It also seeks to educate consumers about the benefits of long-life milk and correct some misconceptions about it."


Tetra Pak developed a six-layer insulating package made of recyclable paperboard that includes polyethylene and aluminum foil. Paperboard is the primary material used in the carton, providing balance, strength, durability, and smoothness to the printing surface. Polyethylene protects against outside moisture and enables the paperboard to stick to the aluminum foil. In turn, the aluminum foil provides protection against oxygen and light to maintain the nutritional value and flavors of the packaged food in ambient temperatures.


This campaign highlighted all stages of long-life milk production, processing and packaging technologies, particularly the ultra-high-temperature processing (UHT) which involves the high heating and rapid cooling of milk, giving it a long shelf life of up to 4 months without the need for refrigeration or the use of preservatives.


In the campaign, Tetra Pack detailed the whole journey of long-life milk production from the farm to the table. Immediately after milking cows at farms, the milk is transported by refrigerator trucks to the factory for the second stage of the production of long-life milk, which involves testing and quality control. After completing the quality control process, the milk is sterilized by the ultra-high-temperature processing (UHT) which involves heating the milk at 135°C before a rapid cooling process to 20°C to eliminate harmful bacteria and preserve the benefits of the milk. After that, the packaging process begins, where the milk is packaged in six-layer Tera Pack containers that provide protection against light, air and other factors that cause food spoilage. The next stage is the shipping of the packaged long-life milk to market shelves where it can be easily and safely stored. The long-life milk journey ends in your home, where it can be stored in the kitchen without refrigeration, until it is opened and must be placed in the refrigerator afterwards.


The campaign is also intended to highlight the importance of fresh milk, especially among mothers, and to clarify the stages of its production and packaging according to the highest quality standards.


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Long-Life Milk: From Farm to Table
Long-Life Milk: From Farm to Table
Wednesday 19 August, 2020 10:17