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Eye of Riyadh
Government | Sunday 1 February, 2015 9:22 am |

Royal orders promise continued development

Recent royal decrees issued by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman confirm the state's development after it pumped young blood into the state's administration without overlooking competence, observers said.

The orders have pumped SR110 billion into crucial service sectors, including a two-month additional salary for state's employees, a decision which was widely welcomed by the people. As part of the ongoing efforts made by late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the Kingdom has renewed its promise to move forward with the reform process and the restructuring of basic infrastructure.

Minister of Justice Walid Al-Samaani pointed out that justice facilities received the support and backing of the king, while the new Minister of Agriculture Abdul Rahman Al-Fadli pledged to exert all efforts to develop the agricultural sector to achieve the king's vision for the country.
“Royal orders captured the aspirations of the Saudi people, touching the hearts of citizens regardless of their social standing,” said Shuwaish Al-Duwaihi, minister of housing, speaking on the new royal decrees.

Abdullah Al-Muqbil, minister of transport, claimed he will exert all efforts to serve the transport sector, adding that the royal orders reflect the leadership's interest in its people's welfare. Khaled Al-Araj, minister of civil service, said he will meet the leader’s aspirations by increasing public employment and helping the country's work force.
Also, as per royal decrees, and in order to better serve citizens and release bureaucratic work, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education are combined into one ministry; and to follow up on the state’s developmental and economic policies, 12 different government apparatuses have closed down, establishing two new ones that will combine the work of their predecessors.

Royal orders also initiated reform in the Council of Ministers through the establishment of a number of commissions, in addition to shifting some ministries' employees to other provinces. As part of the new government's efforts, SR110 billion will be distributed between housing, infrastructure for water and electricity, culture, sports, aid for the disabled and orphans, social security beneficiaries, in addition to generous cash awards for state's employees and students inside and outside the Kingdom.
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