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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Tuesday 14 July, 2020 2:20 am |

Lenovo’s Premier Support Platform Ensures Continuity and Promotes Growth for Businesses in KSA

Businessowners have long been familiar with the implications of technology breakdowns. Beyond causing an inconvenience for the end user, faulty devices also have wider impacts on the company as a whole – reducing efficiencies and overall levels of productivity. 
The necessity to improve access to IT assistance has been further amplified by recent events, which have indicated growing need for solutions on-demand. No longer can businesses rely solely on one IT manager to manage an entire workforce and its requests remotely. Agile policies have resulted in less rigid timeframes for working hours, with employees often managing their time around personal commitments and logging in at times which best suit their schedules. 
Common issues which first faced organizations as the move to remote working began included a lack of facetime with employees, delays in access to information and feelings of isolation. Such concerns have been addressed head-on with the introduction of new digital solutions which are helping to track productivity, enable secure filesharing, facilitate instant communication and unify teams to maintain a cohesive company culture. Integral to this is a reliance on devices, which are tasked with performing under mounting pressure. 
In most cases, remote working has negated access to quick IT fixes, which may have previously been performed by an in-house expert on the spot. Device breakdowns and repair needs are causing employees to have to pause their work, which can have a knock-on effect for scheduling and meeting deadlines, in addition to resulting in lost revenue for the company. In highly time-sensitive roles, the issues become increasingly apparent.
Studies have indicated that IT downtime can cost businesses $1.55 million annually. With this, the average company will lose 545 hours of employee productivity due to IT downtime. For employees, an average of 30 minutes of productivity can be lost per week, while trying to solve issues with PCs.
Keeping customer-centricity at its core, Lenovo Premier Support is an optional package through which businesses can gain access to technical expertise 24/7 to keep their hardware running in optimized condition. Developed to meet changing requirements in a fast-paced IT environment, Premier Support provides users with more customized solutions and the ability to identify and remedy issues, ensuring minimal downtime.
“Businesses today cannot afford to be let down by their technology infrastructures or devices,” said Marwan Bsat, General Manager, Lenovo Saudi Arabia. “Digital transformation has made IT a vital, strategic component of any organization’s core business, and as companies look to manage recent business upheaval, IT is becoming even more crucial as a growth enabler. Lenovo Premier Support has been developed in recognition of the central role of IT, and of the need for availability of assets and solutions at all times.”
Lenovo Premier Support consists of several elements, each designed to provide a superior level of guidance for customers. Central to Lenovo’s business support solution is access to technical expertise from the company’s engineering team – trained to provide high-level assistance on hardware and software needs. Crucial to this, is unscripted support, understanding individual needs and providing customized outcomes. 
A business never stands still – employees can be working vastly different hours and solutions need to be available at a moment’s notice. From a company standpoint, having an internal IT specialist on call is often unfeasible, but the demands of the business remain. This is where the value of round-the-clock support truly comes into play. Support which is not only available at the point of need, but also bespoke and backed by the right expertise. 
Overseeing the support process are Lenovo’s Technical Account Management teams, who deliver end-to-end case management, alongside proactive support and escalation management. These account managers are a single point of contact, to give customers a consistent and engaged response to their specific issues or areas for improvement. In implementing this process, Lenovo believes businesses can swiftly recognize the value being added to their business through Premier Support. As the relationship involves a two-way dialogue, decision-makers are provided with ample opportunity to tailor the collaboration as they see best fit.
In addition to expert staff, the Premier Support program also includes priority access to parts and repair services, which are intended to minimize system downtime and keep unavoidable business interruption to an absolute minimum. Premier Support also offers the ability to have routine support tasks managed directly by Lenovo – freeing up IT personnel to focus on delivering strategic IT services and adding value to the business.
Premier Support provides a comprehensive suite of reporting tools, to monitor systems and help identify any issues which can be addressed proactively. Moreover, Premier Support customers gain access to customized dashboards for Lenovo assets, which include warranty and service delivery information for each asset and can help speed up support through direct connection to the Lenovo Service Connect portal.
“Organizations in KSA have proven their resiliency and an eagerness to resume normal day-to-day operations as soon as possible. Whether taking the example of recent events as a learning experience, or simply considering how to accelerate one’s growth, commonalities for every organization are the need to ensure consistency and maximum operating efficiency. Lenovo Premier Support provides businesses with the comfort and knowledge that their assets are protected with the best possible level of assistance to aid their road to recovery and contribute towards sustainable growth,” said Marwan Bsat, General Manager, Lenovo Saudi Arabia.



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