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Technology & IT | Thursday 2 February, 2023 11:07 am |

HUAWEI MatePad SE - An entertainment tablet to binge your favourite shows

It’s the smart family entertainer with a stunning display, powerful performance, and excellent sound quality

Smartphones have made it possible to enjoy movies and shows wherever we are. But their small screens do not do justice to movies that are meant to be watched on the big screen. A tablet like the HUAWEI MatePad SE offers a way better alternative to catch up with your shows and movies even while on the go. Besides the nice screen, it offers solid performance, powerful dual speakers and plenty of smarts. It is a smart family entertainment tablet that will not break the bank. 

Immerse yourself in action with a 10.4-inch display

What makes tablets so much better than smartphones for watching movies and gaming? An expansive display, like the one on the HUAWEI MatePad SE. But a display that is only larger isn’t good enough. It should also let you watch your favourite movies with all their crisp details. Well, the HUAWEI MatePad SE let you do just that with its high resolution 10.4 inches 2K HUAWEI FullView display with narrow bezels. A high screen-to-body ratio of 83% makes for a boundless viewing experience. 

The HUAWEI MatePad SE goes to great lengths to ensure eye comfort, as well. Having passed the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Certifications, it is proven to effectively eliminate screen flickers and reduce blue light emissions. The display can adjust the brightness in real time based on the ambient light with smooth transitions of luminance to save your eyes from being dazzled.

Blazing fast performance for uninterrupted entertainment

The last thing you want while you are in the middle of a thrilling movie or immersed in a game is lag and stutter. With the powerful 6nm processor on the HUAWEI MatePad SE, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can absorb yourself in your favourite shows and games thanks to the hiccup-free performance of the tablet. What’s more, it consumes less power despite all this, giving you a long battery life. 


Big sound in small body

For HUAWEI MatePad SE, sound does not come as an afterthought. It is front and centre. The tablet packs in two powerful speakers while also managing to achieve a slim form factor. Attention has been paid to the placement of the speakers, as well. They are located symmetrically on either side to provide a balanced stereo field with resonant bass and detailed high ends. The tablet also brings in some software wizardry to elevate the audio performance in the form of scene-adaptive Huawei Histen 8.0. The sound effects are pristine and detailed. 

It doesn’t stop at that, though. Depending on whether you are playing games, listening to podcasts or watching movies, the sound can intelligently optimise itself to give you the best experience. The tablet uses a bottom-layer algorithm to intelligently identify app types, automatically adjust the speaker sound effects, and optimise for different scenarios. Thanks to the unique centre-channel human voice extraction algorithm that can extract and enhance the human voice. That means you won’t be annoyed by unintelligible dialogue while watching movies.   


Smooth and intuitive interactions with Super Device

The HUAWEI MatePad SE comes with Super Device features that allow you to manage your devices and connections from a single place and even share devices between accounts, making cross-device operations easier than ever. HUAWEI MatePad SE lets you connect to a pair of FreeBuds or HUAWEI Vision devices simply by dragging the corresponding icons. For example, dragging and dropping is all it takes to switch the tablet audio to a pair of FreeBuds, or a film to the living room HUAWEI Vision.

The tablet offers a seamless user experience with its stackable Service Widgets of the same size, and combos of Service Widgets and shortcuts of different sizes, for easier access to your favourite content and features. The all-new Multi-Window feature[2] turns the tablet into a standout multi-tasking tool by supporting up to four concurrent tasks. The new and improved App Multiplier feature allows you to open up to four ongoing tasks within a single app.


Bring learning and fun together with Kids Corner

Tablets can be a great way to keep kids entertained. However, as parents, you should also be careful to ensure their safety. Luckily, the Kids Corner on the HUAWEI MatePad SE makes it a kid friendly tablet. It provides kids with rich content for learning and entertainment while also making it easy for parents to control what content kids have access to and their screen time. Parents can set different settings for weekdays and weekends. Children can use their passwords to unlock the screen and directly enter Kids Corner without affecting your usage.

Kids Corner also has features to protect children’s eyes and posture. The Multi-layered Eye Protection feature will help the kids avoid straining their eyes. It can detect if the kids are lying flat while using the tablet and prompt them to adjust their postures. The blue light filter turns the colour temperature from blue to warm, lowering the proportion of blue in the spectrum and significantly reducing blue light to protect the eyes and prevent myopia. If kids use the tablets in a moving vehicle or while walking, the tablet can warn them as it can cause eye strain. It also offers an eBook Mode for more comfortable reading on the tablet. 


Durable, light, and easy to hold 

Young kids might not be as careful with their devices as grown-ups. They might often drop the tablet or accidentally sit on it. However, the HUAWEI MatePad SE has undergone strict drop tests to make sure that it can survive such accidents. It has a sturdy middle frame that can maintain its shape under stress. To provide a comfortable grip for children as well as adults, the tablet has a micro-curved design, which also makes the tablet look even thinner. As a result, the tablet can be held for a long time without tiring your arms, whether you are at home or on the go. 

The HUAWEI MatePad SE uses a new high-performance antenna that provides a stable internet connection even when there are a lot of other devices connected to the same network. So, streaming videos and playing online games will be smoother and faster, no matter where you are in the house.

The long and short of it is that if you want an entertainment tablet suitable for people of all ages, the HUAWEI MatePad SE has everything to fit the bill. A large and colourful screen, powerful performance, immersive sound and lots of smart features that make using it an amazing experience. Most importantly, it’s an excellent value for money.

Price & Availability in Saudi Arabia

The HUAWEI MatePad SE is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at as a starting price of 699 SAR from Huawei’s online platforms as well as certified retailers.

The HUAWEI MatePad 10.4” is also available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a price of 1099 SAR

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