Monday, October 14, 2019
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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Saturday 15 June, 2019 1:44 am |

Game On! The rise of smartphones as the gaming device of choice

There is a growing trend towards more immersive digital entertainment, from movies to games with Virtual Reality spelling out the future of gaming. This means gadget makers need to catch up and innovate to cater to the increasing demand. With the proliferation of smartphone devices packed with next generation technology geared towards gaming – the gaming consoles of yesterday are becoming redundant. 

Leading this shift in gaming medium, mobile devices packed with cutting-edge screen technology and intelligent features, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range is redefining how, where and when consumers game, enabling them to do more of what they couldn’t before. In fact, games played on mobiles and smartphones now account for more than half (54%) of all global games, forecast to increase to 59% by 2021.[1]

Compared to other smartphone habits like streaming video or surfing the internet, gaming is a completely different ballgame. There is a real-time communication aspect and an imperative need for your game to be virtually lag-free. Especially if you are racing against other players to accomplish a goal, being uncoordinated for half a second can ruin your game. That’s why it’s important that your device’s processor is capable of handling graphics-heavy games without slowing you down with lag or frequent FPS (frames per second) drops.

Featuring up to 12GB of RAM and a next-generation application processor the Galaxy S10+ allows you to avoid dealing with spotty FPS, lag, and long load times in your rearview mirror. The Galaxy S10+’s high FPS rate makes details truly pop, and makes each 360-degree spin and slow-motion moment that much more enjoyable.

Between classics like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 in addition to the countless indie games coming to gaming platforms, the cloud of games is rising rapidly. Consequently, the demand for particular smartphones specs is escalating to not only deliver more playtime and less buffering, but take the gaming experience to the next level.

The Galaxy S10+ features a built-in, AI-based Smart Performance Adjuster that analyzes game playing patterns to make gameplay even smoother. As you’re racing down track or running through a field, it offers stable GPU and CPU performance – and eliminates frustrating peaks and valleys that could potentially slow you down.

The smartphone’s stable performance makes it abundantly clear that it’s built to handle the best mobile games that the industry has to offer. And that includes 64-bit games as well – Galaxy S10 variants are the first Android devices to feature 64-bit game support. That means better battery drainage and thermal management when playing graphics-intensive games like Asphalt 9: Legends, Fortnite and other popular 64-bit titles that will be released throughout the year.

The MENA is one of the fastest growing gaming regions globally – with one of the highest percentages of smartphone penetration in the world. There are a whopping 381 million unique mobile subscribers across the MENA region, which represents about 64% of the population.[2]Hence, the sector presents a lucrative prospect for companies working on creating an ecosystem for mobile gaming.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are able to deliver a more seamless and stable gaming experience because they’re the first mobile devices to be optimized to work with the Unity game engine, which creates nearly half of all new mobile games. 

Unity’s new Adaptive Performance feature means that when playing high-performance games on your Galaxy S10 line, you’ll enjoy better battery life and smoother, faster performance – without having to worry about your phone overheating.  

The upsurge in mobile gaming has led to a growing demand for devices that meet specific requirements, i.e. optimized video and sound quality. The Galaxy S10+’s 6.4-inch, high-resolution Infinity-O Display boasts vibrant, lifelike colors that add depth and realism to everything from your supercar’s glossy contours to a game’s detailed landscapes. It’s also been optimized to be easy on the eyes, which makes it perfect for those extended gaming sessions.

Moreover, the smartphone’s first-of-its-kind Dolby Atmos for Gaming technology immerses you in rich sound. Accessible in-game via the Game Tools menu, this clever innovation carefully optimizes each level of sound – from background music to sound effects – to create a well-rounded soundscape that enhances the overall gaming experience.

Most new games are now accompanied with online components offering players a more captivating and well-rounded experience. Whether the player is competing in extreme sports, car races or battling it out in a different time period, the amount of choice available is incredible. 

Putting gamers in full control, Samsung has introduced a Game Launcher app which is essentially a one-stop hub for all things mobile gaming, featuring tools designed to help users get the most out of their gaming experience. 

The handy menu includes options to disable calls and notifications while gaming – to minimize distractions – and makes it easy to snap in-game screenshots, record gameplay, lock navigation buttons, and activate the Galaxy S10+’s Dolby Atmos for Gaming mode. To introduce users to more games they’ll love, Game Launcher also offers game recommendations based on users’ usage patterns.

The fast-approaching next generation of mobile gaming will motivate people to invest in smartphones to make their gaming experience optimal and reduce expense by offering an alternative to upgrading hardware – hence the opportunities existing within the MENA mobile gaming market are limitless.


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