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Eye of Riyadh
Government | Friday 13 February, 2015 7:55 am |

Fingerprinting gains speed with more centers, mobile e-service

Riyadh Passport Department deployed Wednesday two mobile units offering e-services at two major locations.
One was in King Khaled University Hospital at King Saud University’s main campus and the other at King Saud Medical Complex (formerly Al-Shumaisy Hospital) in southeast central part of the capital.
The deployment was attended by Riyadh Passport Department Director Brig. Gen. Sulaiman Abdulrahman Al-Suhaibany and his assistant for administration and financial affairs and supervisor of e-services, along with other senior officials.

Al-Suhaibany told reporters that the deployment has come as per the policy of Riyadh Passport Department for operating such units at different locations in large government and private sector premises.
“It is hoped that this will bring comfort to both the workers and work owners by letting them receive our services at their doorstep, instead of the hassle of coming to us at the passport office in a densely populated city like Riyadh, ” he said.

In Jeddah, there is an overwhelming rush for fingerprinting.
The Passport Department has, effective from Jan. 21, made it mandatory for dependents of expatriate workers, including women and children, to register their fingerprints and photographs at its offices across the Kingdom.

All expatriate women aged over 15 years are required to register their fingerprints. The expatriates will not be able to use services at any Passport Department if their fingerprints are not registered. The services include renewal of their residence permits, and exit-and-re-entry visas, and even exit visas.
The Jeddah Passport Department has introduced the fingerprinting facility at Abrug Al-Ragama, Kandara Main Passport Department Office and Red Sea Mall, said Lt. Col. Ahmed Fahd Al-Luhaidan.
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