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Eye of Riyadh
Healthcare | Thursday 19 February, 2015 12:08 am |

Dubai hosts the 12th Global Scientific Dental Alliance Meeting

AEEDC Dubai Conference and Exhibition carried on for the second day at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre with a great number of dentists, dental students, dental specialists and industry leaders who came from all parts of the world to benefit from this outstanding oral and dental gathering. Major activities that took place during the second day of AEEDC 2015 included the 12th Global Scientific Dental Alliance Meeting with the participation of more than 80 heads/presidents of dental associations from 40 countries who came together to lift further knowledge, recommendations and scientific concerns in the field of dentistry and oral health.

The 12th Global Scientific Dental Alliance Meeting was headed by Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of AEEDC Dubai and Global Scientific Dental Alliance and Professor Abdullah Al Shammery, Scientific Consultant of the Executive Board of Council for the Health Ministers of the GCC States
and the Scientific Chairman Global Scientific Dental Alliance, and Dr. Nasser Al-Malik, Chairman of AEEDC Scientific Committee and Dr. Tariq Al Khoury, Honorary Chairman of AEEDC Dubai.

GSDA committee welcomed the new members to the alliance, and they moved to discuss the meeting’s agenda, which included latest comprehensive topics related to dental and oral health, and continuing education programs that aim to support the scientific research and work on the development of performance. The GSDA annual meeting provides new ideas and deliberate on vital issues in dentistry, oral health care treatment and continuing education programs.

During the meeting, GSDA members discussed the main topics that will be covered in AEEDC’s scientific program for next year, and reviewed the new scientific activities that were added to AEEDC Dubai 2015. GSDA members also reached to new conclusions that aim to raise the quality of medical education through courses and scientific research in the Middle East. It is worth mentioning that this year the number of halls, sessions, and workshops have outnumbered all the previous editions of AEEDC.

In the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of AEEDC Dubai and Global Scientific Dental Alliance accompanied by Professor Abdullah Al Shammery, Scientific Consultant of the Executive Board of Council for the Health Ministers of the GCC States
and the Scientific Chairman Global Scientific Dental Alliance presented certificates of appreciation to all participants in the meeting.

During the meeting, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani expressed his content in the steady growth of the number of participating countries in the Alliance, each representing their national dental sector. Now, the total number of countries participating in the Global Scientific Dental Alliance (GSDA) has reached 40 countries.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani added: "In the conclusion of our meeting, we will note the main oral and dental health issues we discussed, in order to formulate recommendations that will be sent to officials in the ministries of health so they can take them into consideration. We hope that our recommendations will be considered during the implementation and planning of special programs in oral and dental care. As part of our scientific role, we should set precise criteria annually for the prevalence of oral diseases and teeth in our region, and then compare them to World Health Organization’s records for other countries. We then can deduce the extent of the increase or decrease in these ratios."

From his side, Professor Abdullah Al-Shammari, commented: "The continuous accomplishments achieved by AEEDC year after year, is only a translation of the hard and diligent work we exert to reach our goals. If we look at the great development AEEDC Dubai achieved over the past years, we will see that every year there is an institution or a global organization seeking to ally with AEEDC Dubai and to cooperate with the Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee, aiming from them to expand into the Middle East and North Africa region. We invite all the world dental societies and institutions to join the Alliance, which has become one of the most important international forums specializing in this sector."

AEEDC Student Competition

For the sixth consecutive year, AEEDC Dubai featured the AEEDC Student Competition which intends to bring out the best in the next generation by involving students in educational intellectual competitions and offering them incentives for self improvement. AEEDC Student Competition provides a unique opportunity to all dental students who are in their last academic year to actively interact with their counterparts from different dental colleges and universities through individual and group competitions, which in turn will motivate them with a vision of exchanging information, knowledge and expanding their horizons on various issues of dentistry.

Commenting on AEEDC student competition Dr. Abedin said: “AEEDC Dubai gathers all specialties, all areas of daily practice, innovations, and researches under one roof. We give students every year our support to make them part of this prestigious event by cooperating with universities that understand the importance of such gathering. This year AEEDC student competition witnesses the participation of 30 students from 6 universities that include Saratov State Medical University, Alfarabi College, Faculty of Dentistry, Misr International University, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, University of Sharjah, and Oman Dental College. Moreover, we have given special considerations for the level of scientific participation of students through the Poster Presentations sessions and the related award, as well as the Student Competition and the AEEDC Knowledge Champion. This by itself is a thing that students from different universities look forward to every year.”

On the other hand, AEEDC Dubai 2015 is also embracing a number of new activities, that include the Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Session – ARAED, Dental Education Session – Classical Vs. Modern Educational Methods, Seminar on dentistry with its various specialties in French language session (Stomatologie Aujourd'hui Session), International Symposium on Olympic and Sport Dentistry, and a special seminar for the latest in implantology in cooperation with DentalXP.

International Participation

About the Stomatologie Aujourd’hui session that will be taking place for the first time in AEEDC Professor Michel Goldberg, Researcher in Oral Biology said: “It is the first time two "Francophone" sessions will be held in AEEDC. Until now, all the reports and conference sessions were in English language only. There are indeed many French-speaking countries and students studying abroad in France for their masters or PhD thesis. It would be of great importance to add valuable French lecturers to AEEDC. This is our first attempt to add French content, and we shall see how it works. Definitely, this will add extra value to AEEDC and increase its international reach.”

From his side, Dr.Paul Piccininni, Dental Director from International Olympic Committee commented about the International Symposium on Olympic and Sport Dentistry by saying: "There has been a considerable amount of research and publicity recently regarding the oral health of athletes, especially elite and Olympic athletes. It has become universally agreed that medical wellness and oral health are closely related and they influence the sports performance of an athlete. AEEDC, as the second largest dental conference in the world, gives us the opportunity to share this information with a large group of attendees, who we will hope they will take this knowledge back to their practices as sport dentists. We have had tremendous support from AEEDC committee in putting this Symposium together, and we have brought in some of the top Olympic and professional sport dentists for a great opportunity of knowledge transfer that we are looking forward for.”

And about the session conducted by Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Dr. Wael Att, President of Arabian Academy of esthetic dentistry said: “The scientific program of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Arabian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry will go to a completely at a different level this year. It aims to comprehensively address the principles that comprise the essential contextual character of different disciplines to achieve human, not only dental, esthetics. The related contemporary and scientifically proven interventions will be presented and cutting-edge developments that aid in understanding and improvement of esthetic principles and techniques within the profession of dentistry will be discussed. Over two exclusive days, top-notch speakers will be covering different topics in a way that has never been introduced to the region. We are definete that everyone will be enjoying this unique scientific event.”

More than 1,600 Exhibiting Companies at AEEDC 2015

The second day of AEEDC Exhibition witnessed a huge attendance of dentists, specialists, and dental technicians who explored the latest medical devices, technologies and equipment displayed by prominent companies in the dental field from around the world The exhibition area this year extended to more than 55,000 square meters hosting more than 1,600 exhibiting companies from 130 countries. AEEDC 2015 Exhibition also features this year 17 national pavilions primarily from: Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States of America, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition highlights the latest medical and dental equipment and innovations, presented by the leading manufacturers and industry leaders.

UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai 2015) will continue until 19th of February and is organized by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions a member of INDEX Holding.
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