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Business & Money | Tuesday 12 March, 2024 11:25 am |

Dubai Customs Elevates Employee Well-Being with Cutting-Edge Medical Center Unveiling

With the goal of ensuring healthcare provision for its employees within the premises, Dubai Customs inaugurated a Medical Center at its headquarters. The opening ceremony, presided over by H.E. Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Busnad, Director General of Dubai Customs, marked the initiation of healthcare services for employees and their families. Attendees included Marwan Haji Nasser, Chairman and CEO of Tadawi Healthcare Group, along with executive directors and department managers from Dubai Customs.


This initiative is part of Dubai Customs' dedication to fostering a healthy work environment through investments in employee well-being. The Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of top-quality medical, preventive, and therapeutic services tailored for the department's employees and their families.


Following the center's opening, Dr. Abdullah Busnad stated that its establishment aligns with the primary goal of providing healthcare services to Dubai Customs employees and their families. This endeavor contributes to enhancing the occupational health of employees, positively influencing productivity, and creating a secure, supportive work environment conducive to development and excellence.


Dr. Busnad underscored ongoing efforts to implement initiatives investing in employee well-being, thereby improving performance. Occupational health, he noted, plays a significant role in boosting employee morale and job satisfaction, positively impacting dedication and performance.


The Director-General emphasized that the Medical Center will operate in accordance with the highest international healthcare standards, aligning with Dubai's government health strategy to establish a safe and healthy environment. He affirmed that the partnership with Tadawi Healthcare Group supports the department's strategy and goals in maintaining a happy and positive work environment.




Marwan Ibrahim Haji Nasser, Chairman & CEO of Al Tadawi Helathcare Group commented that the new Medical Center at Dubai Customs features a distinguished medical team specializing in various fields, ensuring the provision of the highest level of healthcare services for employees and their families. The medical staff will focus on early detection of chronic diseases, general medical treatments, and regular medical lectures and workshops to promote health awareness and medical culture.


Additionally, the Tadawi Medical Center at Dubai Customs houses specialized medical clinics, including dental and dermatology services, alongside a section for physical therapy. Consultation services, the provision of necessary medications, and monitoring the health status of individuals with chronic diseases will also be available.


Marwan Haji Nasser emphasized that healthcare services will be accessible throughout the week, with the center equipped with the latest medical, nursing, and laboratory equipment and supplies, adhering to the highest standards and specifications.






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