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Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Tuesday 12 April, 2022 2:44 pm |

Best Eid Decor Offered by Jazeera Paints Designers

Eid is one of the biggest Islamic holidays, and it's an occasion for people to exchange gifts and enjoy days off together with friends and family. It is the festival of sharing love and happiness, preparing sweet dishes, wearing new clothes, and hanging up lights and other decorations in their houses. Like with most other celebrations, there's nothing better than decorating your house according to the holiday standards. If you're looking for the best Eid decor, Jazeera Paints has selected the most beautiful and easily applicable decorations and decorative ideas. Here are a few decorative ideas to spice up your Eid celebrations:

Eid Decor: lights

Get ready to light up the house with these Eid decoration ideas, because festive time teaches us to spread happiness and joy around. This celebration is incomplete without lighting at house during Eid. So many types of lights are available in the market like rotating bulbs, LED strings, etc. You can choose any one which suits your house and brings joy to your house as  Lighting is a very well-known item that gives you a pleasant feel and enthusiasm for the festival. You may combine Eid lights with Mizzle color to create an atmosphere that is full of energy and joy!

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New Colors for Eid Decor!

Does your wall need a little something to liven it up? Renewing your wall’s paint is good start that gives a beautiful and elegant touch for celebration Eid. The new color on the wall will make it a memorable Eid. Eid decorations cannot stand alone! You can paint your door with Mushroom or Aloe Vera to make the wreath a perfect place to take pictures for family members during Eid time. 

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Eid Candles & Flower Vases


Use special Eid candles in your house, it can be even tea light or colorful candles. If you want to use flower vases then simple glass vases are enough to set the Eid mood in your house and if these are placed in the centre of the dining table with flowers and fruits, it makes a good Eid table for family and friends.



Eidia Corner


A special Eidia corner is an easy-to-do effective idea for your house’s Eid decor. All you need is to decorate the existing space at house with lights and throw in some accessories, such as cushions, chairs, and tables. Whether it is your living room or a balcony, this corner can be created anywhere indoors or outdoors. This special corner needs a uniquely painted background or wall like painting it with Pina Colada is even a better idea.


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Colorful Balloons

Color has incredible power. It can make you feel a certain way about an environment and your emotions. A splash of color is always an easy way to add a bit of shine to your space. This Eid, add some sparkle to your house’s Eid decor with a burst of balloons. Pick your favorite colors (maybe Yellow to add a joyful touch to the house) and play around to get the look that works best for your house. Plus, this style has the kids excited too!

Eid Decor: Dinner Decoration

Decorating the dining table is the most important part during Eid. You want to give your guests a nice impression, so use nice dinner sets that match your decoration. Clay vessels can be used to give a traditional touch and beauty to various sweet dishes. You can also paint your wall with Standstone because it goes perfectly with glass, wood, metal, earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Don’t forget the flowers for your centrepiece!

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Eid Decor: Statements Banners

Put your creativity to work and make a unique Eid banner this year. This stylish and vibrant banner is easy to make and takes less time than you think. You can find plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to go about making them. It will definitely add a fun and festive vibe to your house and convey your Eid greetings to family, friends or neighbors!

Eid Decor: Star lanterns

Make sure you decorate your Eid with a few simple things to make it memorable. Lanterns are one of the most popular decorations during Eid and it's not hard to see why. Just think of a bright moonlight night with lanterns hanging from the ceiling and walls, because star lanterns make for interesting Eid decorations that add a whimsical touch to your house.

Eid Decor: Glitter

Glittery and sparkly pillows, banners and garlands are the easiest way to glam up your house while still maintaining a low budget. This can also be a fun DIY project if you have kids around the house. Have a little craft party and strew glitter all over everything with your loved ones!

These Eid decoration ideas will give you some inspiration. It is surprising how a few little decorative items can make your house look so different and appealing. These ideas of Eid décor will surely give an interesting and attractive outlook to your house and will transform it to a place that expresses the true meaning of Eid. 

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