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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Thursday 29 March, 2018 10:48 am |

ATEON partners with Decoding Blockchain Conference to jumpstart Fintech revolutions in KSA

If we were to divide our current technology era into two distinct periods, it would be before the internet and after the internet. That is how disruptive the World Wide Web has become. It transformed the way we communicate, share information, conduct business, study and more.


Many industry experts believe that Blockchain is the internet version 2.0 and that it is at the stage the internet was at in the late nineties. However, what sets it apart from the internet revolution is that Blockchain is truly global with a massive installed base of users around the world, while helping the unbanked and developing economies to benefit for the first time.


“Blockchain is a futuristic technology here to stay and is happening now.  Saudi Vision 2030 is revolutionary and digital transformation is one of its main pillars.  Blockchain is the best option for digital transformation with its built in hardened security, transparency, and efficiency,” said Dr. Hussam Yaghi, President of Ateon, who will also be speaking at Saudi Arabia’s first Blockchain event this April.


He further added that the IT departments in most organisations in Saudi Arabia and UAE are lagging far behind. Equipping themselves with adequate knowledge about Blockchain programming is important in order to support their aggressive business counterparts, instead of being an obstacle.


On being approached by Ateon, the first Blockchain Systems Integrator in Saudi Arabia, the finance and operations departments in most organisations were said to have quickly realised the potential benefits of Blockchain and are eager to make use of the technology.


While it is already a multibillion dollar industry in Saudi Arabia, over 1.4 trillion dollars have been invested worldwide just over the last three years.


One of the leading Blockchain solution providers in Saudi Arabia, Ateon was the first systems integrator for Blockchain based solutions with cyber security at its core offerings.  Ateon spent the first year of its inception investing in education and awareness for the local market, through roadshows, email, and private visits.  Ateon has joined Decoding Blockchain KSA, Saudi Arabia’s First Blockchain event, as a strategic partner in order to help educate the market about the implications of Blockchain technology.


With rapid advancements in Blockchain technology and soaring competition, there is a threat of becoming obsolete if businesses across industries do not adopt blockchain. In light of these recent developments, Decoding Blockchain KSA offers unparalleled networking opportunities for attendees  who are looking to connect with Fintech and Blockchain industry leaders and innovators from around the globe who are looking to explore the distributed ledger technology, while also providing an ideal platform to understand the transformative technology of Blockchain in the modern Middle East world.


The conference will present a range of speaker sessions through which participants are given the

opportunity to meet with innovators who offer business solutions that will help public and enterprises, banks and financial institutions reduce costs and improve efficiency and integrity.


Come watch the best minds in the blockchain industry from across the pan-Saudi region, as well as the rest of the world, convene on a single platform on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2018 at Riyadh Marriot Hotel.


Registrations are open – Ensure your participation for the ultimate knowledge-sharing conference at the earliest.


Register Your Interest (http://www.decodingblockchain.com/

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