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Eye of Riyadh
Technology & IT | Thursday 13 October, 2016 2:48 pm |

ALTV launches mobile app for Android and iOS

ALTV, the recently launched free streaming service offering an exciting new way to watch Arabic video content has announced the release of its anticipated new mobile app.


Available on both iOS and Android devices, the new app allows users to view and share their favourite programming anytime and anywhere, as well as quickly and conveniently find new and trending content ranging from sports coverage to comedy, film and game reviews, makeup tutorials and current events.


Offering viewers unique access to locally produced, premium programming from its growing community of passionate storytellers across the Middle East and North Africa, ALTV celebrates Arabic creativity better than any other online channel.


Combining social media features with video streaming, the ALTV app provides a new experience that blurs the lines between fans and creators. Since its launch, ALTV has established itself as the fastest growing channel across the region, and is quickly attracting a community eager to connect, create and share.


ALTV’s founder, David C. McCourt, has been credited with disrupting markets to bring consumers more relevant products for 30 years. An Emmy award-winning TV producer, McCourt has produced the American children's television series Reading Rainbow, as well as prime time documentaries with Angelina Jolie in Tanzania and Michael Douglas in Sierra Leone.


McCourt commented: “ALTV is solving the growing global challenge being faced in areas of the world that are currently underserved by technology – connecting creative content developers to engaged audiences. The new mobile app enables the ALTV community to enjoy and contribute to the platform on their own terms, whether it be through a traditional PC or through their phones.


“At ALTV, we are celebrating the revolution in online entertainment which is inspiring millions of people across the Middle East and North Africa. The new app is unique to the market, offering viewers a platform to collaborate with the fastest growing community of talented content creators in the region.”


Taking a unique approach to entertainment, ALTV is carefully selecting the most promising amateur creators and giving them the resources to produce professional-quality content. By taking this approach, ALTV provides its community training and a path to monetise their creative content.


ALTV has also announced that the launch of its mobile app will soon be followed by an extensive list of new and original premium programming exclusive to the platform. With these upcoming flagship shows ALTV is filling a major gap by giving millions of viewers’ access to local, high-quality content that reflects their culture, interests and aspirations.

Veteran producer and ALTV CEO, Joe Di Maio commented: “We are thrilled to be launching the first phase of the ALTV app and we’re looking forward to showcasing our grand vision as we continue to update and perfect it over the coming months.

As the ALTV app evolves we will be providing users with an increasingly immersive experience, complete with new functionalities such as virtual tools for learning, engaging and sharing creativity.

Di Maio added: “We’re collaborating with an incredible pool of passionate local content producers and our app will allow them to make deeper connections and create better content for our growing base of loyal followers.”

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