08 Ramadan 1442 - 19 April 2021
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Eye of Riyadh
Eye of Riyadh
Business & Money | Saturday 28 November, 2020 12:58 am |

The Exhibitions and Conferences Association holds its second meeting and approves a number of operational steps

The Board of Directors of the Exhibitions and Conferences Association held its second meeting, in the presence of a number of members of the Board of Directors and with the participation of a number of members via visual communication. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Zuhair bin Muhammad Al-Sarraj, Chairman of the Board of Directors, thanked the members for their tireless efforts and important contributions to achieve the goals of the association according to the standards and regulations. The meeting reviewed the accomplished tasks and efforts that contributes to enhance the position of the exhibitions and conferences sector hosted by the Kingdom and represented by the General Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences. During this meeting, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Muhammad bin Hamad Al-Husseini, stressed the importance of sustaining effective efforts for achieving the desired goals in the light of the pioneering role and responsibilities undertaken by the association. He points out in this regard to the positive results that emerged during the last period in partnership with a number of relevant authorities. Al-Husseini said that during the meeting, a mechanism for establishing the association’s role in the exhibitions and conferences sector was discussed. The members approved a number of operational steps, including strengthening cooperation and communication with the relevant authorities, providing everything that strengthens the position and role of the association in the sector locally and internationally by benefiting from the global expertise and experiences, such as the UFi Association, the Conference Association (ICCA) and the (IAEE) Association. In the meeting, a number of the planned topics are reviewed, including the discussion of organizing forums related to the development of the sector and including them in the Association plans. The chairman of the board of directors, his deputy, and the members also discussed the program of events that the association intends to organize before the end of the current session, as it has been approved and its timetable will be determined at the next meeting…


In their meeting, the Board has reviewed the proposed map for the association’s website. Accordingly, a number of recommendations were approved, such as making use of the experiences of some leading international websites as a model of development and professionalism.


The Board of Directors approved the committee of the advisory body, defined its tasks, and nominated effective experts to assume the duties and responsibilities of this committee.


The president of the association and the members reviewed the financial and administrative regulations submitted by the member of the board of directors, Dr. Ihab bin Hassan Abu Rakba, as everyone praised the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the two regulations as an administrative and financial reference for the association in the present and future.


Dr. Zuhair Al-Sarraj, Chairman of the Board of Directors, concluded the meeting by praising the distinguished efforts and support that the association enjoys from the General Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs and all relevant authorities. Dr. Al-Sarraj, on his own behalf and on behalf of the Board of Directors and all members of the Association, expressed his appreciation and pride for the tireless efforts and continuous efforts to consolidate the rules of the exhibitions and conferences industry, promote them to a level that elevates the Kingdom's position and the many potentials and capabilities for the sustainable development, to support the national economy and for more advanced and prosperous industries.


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