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Business & Money | Wednesday 25 March, 2015 6:19 pm |

RAKtherm gears up for Expo 2020 with $200m expansion plan.

Investment spread across 35 countries to meet the growing local and global industry demands.

RAKtherm, the region’s leading piping solutions provider has announced a major $200m investment plan to expand its manufacturing facility and product portfolio. Extensive infrastructure plans, revival of the construction industry and the growing UAE economy have all contributed to what is seen as a strategic move by the company to further boost its reputation for being a high-end source for ultimate piping solutions.

With numerous projects spread across over 35 countries; RAKtherm, a division of Tahweel Industry; intends to add more to its manufacturing space and state-of-the-art machinery under its expansion plans. With a manufacturing facility at Ras Al Khaimah, RAKtherm aims at further penetration into the regional as well as overseas markets. At present, RAKtherm offers the widest range of PP-R and its complimentary PE-X piping systems including Multilayer Oxygen Barrier pipes and Aluminium Composite pipes in addition to the conventional piping systems. They also have the new generation piping solution called RAKtherm Reinforced Piping Systems, proven to be highly resilient even at the most extreme conditions. RAKtherm is one of the very first manufacturers to introduce integrated full systems with anti-UV protection for fittings. Combining technology and the in-house engineering team’s expertise for performance-driven products, RAKtherm piping systems can efficiently perform for over 50 years.

Major projects such as Expo 2020 and plans by the government of Dubai to increase government spending on infrastructure development will see a boom in the UAE’s construction industry. In 2014, in the UAE, announced and planned projects hit a total value of US$315 billion. Banking on this sustainable growth in the Middle East and globally, RAKtherm forecasts an increase in worldwide demand which necessitates production escalation. Anticipating a huge surge in the piping industry; RAKtherm with its PPR and PEX Piping Systems will develop an extensive and diverse portfolio for both export and home consumption. Expo 2020 expects to attract 25 million visitors. This, coupled with improving economic conditions, have created the platform for a construction boom over the next 5 years.

Mr. Ali Hashim, Chairman, Hashim Group, said; “Our expansion plans will see our production capacity increase. Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the foremost suppliers of high quality piping. Our focus has always been on diligent quality assurance, exclusive machinery, accuracy in specifications and the matchless gamut of products. Our current expansion plans will give us the capacity to meet the ever growing demands of our loyal client base.”

RAKtherm pipes and fittings are extensively used in food and medical and ancillary industries as they are harmless and safe. A specialist in its domain, manufacturing material used at RAKtherm is particularly developed for engineering applications with stringent requirements. This results in an end product that is environment friendly and devoid of harmful elements that could cause potential hazards.

The products’ compression strength, elasticity, corrosion, chemical and heat resistance are just some of the factors worthy of ideal piping systems for potable hot and cold water.

RAKtherm’s PE-X systems can either be used independently or to complement the equally wide range of PP-R systems. With a sophisticated know-how, inflexible quality measures and environment-friendly norms; RAKtherm has been able to surpass the quality of German manufacturers.

RAKtherm currently boasts of an impressive international presence with a strong network of agents in more than 35 countries to include Europe, GCC, East Asia and North and South Africa.

For trade enquiries and further details please log onto www.raktherm.com

About RAKtherm
RAKtherm, under Tahweel Industry is the flourishing arm of Hashim Group which was established in 1963 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Tahweel Industry is one of UAE’s renowned business conglomerates.
RAKtherm is the flagship division and pioneer of integrated PP-R and PE-X pipes & fittings systems, and the New Generation Reinforced Piping Systems.
The product line-up offering comprises plastic pipe and fitting systems; including specialized Multilayer Oxygen Barrier Pipes and Aluminium Composite Pipes along with welding accessories, in addition to the conventional piping systems. With a high-end manufacturing facility and sales office based in Ras Al Khaimah; RAKtherm has a network of agents in over 35 countries all across Europe, GCC, South Africa, East Asia and North Africa.
RAKtherm also has a specialized training facility called RAKtherm Academy that undertakes customized training with hands-on experience for engineers, planners and plumbers.
For more information on product range and specifications, please visit www.raktherm.com

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