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Business & Money | Sunday 7 May, 2023 4:53 pm |

12th Annual Investment Meeting to kick off tomorrow (8th May) in Abu Dhabi

Participants from around 170 countries across the world start arriving in the UAE 


Participants from 170 countries have started arriving to attend the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM Global 2023), the premier investment platform for global investors that is set to kick off its 12th edition in Abu Dhabi on May 8 to 10. This three-day event is expected to attract an international audience of top executives, decision makers, senior corporate leaders, government officials, and civil society representatives, all gathering to identify untapped business opportunities and promote cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.


The Annual Investment Meeting will take place for the first time in the capital city of Abu Dhabi under the theme “The Investment Paradigm Shift: Future Investment Opportunities To Foster Sustainable Economic Growth, Diversity and Prosperity.” The event is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.


The Annual Investment Meeting is renowned for its ability to bring together thousands of investors from around the world, and this year's edition will be no exception. With a focus on building a roadmap for the global economy, the event will highlight five key pillars – startups, foreign direct investment, small and medium enterprises, future cities, and foreign portfolio investments – aimed at stimulating local and international economic growth.


Speaking about the event, Dawood Al Shezawi, Chairman of Annual Investment Meeting said, “The Annual Investment Meeting has established itself as a leading platform for investors and business leaders from around the world to come together and explore new opportunities for growth and development. As we welcome delegates to Abu Dhabi for this year's event, we look forward to sharing our vision for the future and exploring new partnerships that will help drive global economic growth.”


This year's event promises to be the most innovative and technologically driven to date. It will feature several initiatives designed to support the five key pillars, including workshops, exhibitions, and networking opportunities. Attendees will also have the chance to engage with leading experts from the investment and technology industries, exploring new ways to drive economic growth and achieve sustainable development goals.


Investment Track sessions


Under the main conference’s Investment Track, the sessions organized on the first day include the “Investing in Space to Attain the UN SDGs and Sustainability,” which features a speech by Candace Johnson, Chair Seraphim Space Advisory Board and Partner; “Global Economic Outlook - Beyond the Paradigm Shift, Where Next for the Investment Market,” which explores the opportunities for FDI and FPI in identifying changes that will transform the global investment landscape, influencing investments with ESG and embracing all stakeholders; “Devoting FPIs Towards a Greener World,” which focuses on current and future projects and initiatives towards sustainable and diverse FPIs; and “Creating Resilient Supply Chains to Enhance Growth Opportunities,” which discusses the relevance of creating resilient supply chains and new infrastructure in the 21st century.


The second day will feature a session that aims to look at best practices for building long-term relationships and maintaining them entitled “Bridging the Gap: Establishing Strong International Relationships and Building Trust” as well as sessions on “Digital Transformation: Integrating Innovative Technologies in FDI to Increase Value;” “Towards Investment Facilitation for Development: How a New Agreement can Help Grow FDI Flows and Prosperity,” which explores how governments and companies can work together with international organizations and investment practitioners to implement the IFD Agreement and realize these benefits. 


“Quality FDI: Attracting Meaningful Investments for Economic Growth,” which talks about how attracting investment boosts the economy by generating jobs and driving innovation; “Boosting Capital Markets to Develop Market Efficiency Through FPI,” which aims to look at how FPI is used to tackle the world’s biggest social and environmental changes; “Geopolitical Tensions: Mitigating Global Risk in your Portfolio,” which sheds some light on best practices in recovering from geopolitical tensions; and “Leveraging Super Trends in Investment to Create Resilient Portfolios,” which looks at the current disruptors in the market and focuses on where the industry is headed to.


In addition, the Investment Track sessions for the third day comprise the “Sustainable Investment Opportunities in FDI,” which delves into the development of sustainable technologies and how to integrate ESG going forward, and “Moving to Net Zero and Decarbonizing your Portfolio,” which explores the latest thinking on net zero transition plans.


Innovation & Technology Track sessions


The Innovation & Technology Track also has in its session lineup on the first day the “Future Cities: Digital Transformation: Integrating Innovative Technologies,” which explores how digital transformation has impacted future cities and how we navigate going forward; “Start-ups: Contributing to Economic Growth,” which tackles the power of data and insights to promote start-up ecosystems; and “SME: Scaling the Technology Market and Implementing Technological Solutions,” which explores the SMEs technology market and looks at what businesses can achieve through digitalization.


The sessions entitled “Unicorns: Urban Connectivity in Turbulent Times;” “Constructing Visions for the Future of Smart Cities (In partnership with We Go),” which provides the timely opportunity for mayors, city and state representatives, international organizations, and business actors to identify the growing trends in digital innovations and smart initiatives for solving urban challenges and for building smart future cities; “Unicorns: Global Economic Outlook – Forecasting the Investment Market,” which looks into the recent trends and technologies around the globe that have given a boost to enable start-ups to move forward and contribute to the success of future cities; “Trends in the UAE Shaping the Future of Innovation (In Partnership With Hub 71);” and “Building a Unicorn” are to be held on the second day.


Further, the third day will have “SMEs: Sustainable Climate Finance Initiative: A new approach to finance sustainable infrastructure and agriculture projects in emerging economies,” which features real-life examples of blended finance vehicles; “Digital Economies: Implementing Industry 4.0 – Developing the Right Tools and Platforms,” which takes a deep dive into the best use of new technologies and innovative technologies to look out for; “SMEs: Navigating Investments in the International Landscape, and the Adaptation to Evolving Needs and Expectations: SMEs Investment Challenges and Opportunities,” which discusses the main sectors which attract SMEs investments worldwide; “SMEs: 2023 Trends – Implementing Smart Business, Innovation, Inclusivity and Sustainability through Future Cities,” which discusses the new trends and tracks of investment for SMEs; and “Future Cities: Tapping into New Technologies and Navigating Transformational Technologies of the Future,” which talks about how to harness the potential for innovative technologies to transform cities, and implement them into current projects.




Regional focus forums


Some of the highlights this year will be “The ASEAN Regional Focus Forum,” which is under Indonesia's Chairmanship of ASEAN. With the theme “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth,” the forum will focus on strengthening ASEAN cooperation and capacity to respond to regional and global challenges. 


AIM will also host other forums such as “The Flow of Direct Investments to the Arab Countries of the MENA Region: Reality, Opportunities, & Challenges,” which will explore investment opportunities and the ecosystem of the region. The forum is hosted by Union of Arab Chambers, the League of Arab States, and the Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Bahrain - UNIDO. The next forum, “Regional Focus Forum - African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States,” will present the results of a joint survey conducted by WAIPA and UNIDO, highlighting the most pressing challenges faced by ACP IPAs. The forum, “Africa Regional Focus Session,” organised by United Nations Economic Commission for Africa focused on the launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and how it served as a milestone towards creating a single continental market as set out in the African Union’s Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want. 


On May 10, AIM Global 2023 will host the “Regional Focus Forum for Latin America and The Caribbean Productive Development in LAC: Future Strategies,” organised by Inter-American Development Bank and the CAF – Development Bank of LatinAmerica and will examine policies and strategies adopted by many LAC countries to promote productive development and diversify their economies. The event will be followed by the “SADC Regional Focus Forum,” hosted by Southern AfricanDevelopment Community, which will explore the paradigm shift transforming the capital markets and investment world.


Side events


AIM will also host several world-class side events on May 8. These include the “World Local Production Forum: Enhancing access to medicines and other health technologies,” the “Global Credit Management & NPL Investments Forum,” and the first part of the “Entrepreneurs Investment Summit”. The Russia-Middle East Forum, titled “Russia - Middle East: Cooperation for Economic Growth and People's Well-Being,” will also take place on this day. Lastly, the “Make it in the Emirates Forum: Emerging Opportunities and Industrial Growth” will also be a key highlight of day one. 


In addition, AIM will host on May 9 “BNEF Talk: Commodities in a Low Carbon Economy,” “Entrepreneurs Investment Summit Day 2,” “Investments Solutions in a Polycrisis Context: The Road to WorldInvestment Forum (WIF) 2023,” “Invest in Abu Dhabi: Creating a Hub forR&D hubs: Placing innovation at the heart of economic progress,” “Invest in Abu Dhabi,” “Finoverse Arabia: Virtual Asset and Web3 Forum,” “Tourism Investment Forum,” and “Future of Carbon Markets: The Beginning of the Big Carbon Age.”


The last day will also witness important side events such as “Future Finance Forum,” “Least Developed Countries IPAsConference,” and “The World Governments: An Incubatorfor Tolerance.”


These forums and side events will provide a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain insights and perspectives on the current state of investment opportunities, market trends, and best practices in various regions. 


The Annual Investment Meeting is a must-attend event for investors and business leaders who want to stay at the forefront of global investment trends. With an impressive line-up of speakers, cutting-edge technology, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, this year's edition is set to be the most exciting yet. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to shape the future of the global economy.


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